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1st Impressions of Eau Sauvage Cream (pics)

I picked this up on a whim the other day:

I have had no experience with this scent, but I can't resist trying a new shaving cream.

Looking over at basenotes.net, apparently this is a well-known scent with the strong aroma of lemons. I would agree - in fact, this is one of the strongest scented creams I have ever used. The lemon aroma hits you in the face like a whallop of Lemon Pledge (tm) as you lather it. Do I like the aroma? Not really - it is a bit too synthetic for me.

After a squirt in the shave bowl and 10 swirls with my trusty Savile Row SR212:

Twenty swirls:

And after about 30 seconds of whipping:


Lather quality:


Pretty good lather. Actually, these pictures were taken the night before I actually shaved with it; this morning I got even better lather - on par with the three T's.

So how was the shave? Very good, actually. No skipping, dragging of the razor, no irritation, nice close shave. It is not as moisturizing as Taylor's, etc., but not bad at all.

Personally, this is a nice shave ceram, though the scent is not really for me. It is nice to try other stuff besides the usual creams we talk about here.
Austin said:
Scotto, I remember wearing that scent in college during the early eighties. How was the lubrication?

My face is extremely sensitive to lubrication. I have only found a couple of brands that don't cause the razor to bounce all over my face. This cream had very good lubrication, perhaps marginally less than Taylor's, but not earth-shatteringly different. It (surprisingly) gave a very good shave.

Unfortunately, the smell not being to my liking, this one may end up in the Trading forum before long
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