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19th C Gentleman Scent

I hope this is a suitable place to post this, but, Mods, please relocate if necessary.

I am soliciting suggestions for a cream/soap that has a distinct 18th/19th C aroma--something out of Trollope, Doyle, or Thackeray's novels--something that smells like an English gentleman would. I prefer musky scents over floral ones. I enjoyed Truefitt & Hill Grafton, Sandalwood, and Trafalgar some years ago, but would like to try something different and far less expensive. I have been using Proraso sandalwood and their menthol offering for CO Bigelow as my daily cream/soaps and have been happy.

How about De Vergulde Hand? It has been in production since 1554. It is very inexpensive, at least in Europe, easy to lather, and with a strong, barbershop style scent which I do not recall being floral. As a bonus it looks like a tub of margarine.

Looks decent enough. Proraso is $10 and amazing, so I’m looking for something under $15 with as hood of a scent and performance.
How about Barrister & Mann’s Cologne Russe?
It is a recreated scent from the 1800s.
Also, Cheshire is patterned after Earl Grey tea.
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