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1965 Gillette K3 - is it good?

Hello everyone,

I am new to the wet shaving world and stumbled upon what I am almost certain is a 1965 Gillette K3. I got it for $10 and cleaned it up pretty well. I was curious if it is a good razor to use? Currently have a basic Van fee Hagen razor. Thanks everyone!


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You have yourself a nice Slim! I would go back with some Scrubbing Bubbles without Bleach and a toothbrush. If the adjuster moves the bottom plate it will be a great shaver!!!

I shave regularly with a 63 Slim... paired with a PolSilver blade on setting 6, it's a great razor for me. Of course, YMMV.
The Slim is great! I set mine on 3-4 and love it. Start out at a lower setting and adjust upward until you find what works best for you. Nice find!
The Gillette Slim is a nice step up from the Van Der Hagen. I’m sure you’ll like it and note that it was a steal for $10.
Thanks everyone for the replies. Glad I pulled the gun on this razor it seems. I made sure the everything was in working order before I bought it. If I don’t watch out I may start collecting razors!
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