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1964 Gillette Slim Adjustable twisting question

Hello shaving friends.
I have a 1964 Gillette Slim Adjustable. This thing is an incredible shaving tool! I keep mine set on 4.
When I drop the blade in and start to twist, the doors start to close as normal. As the doors reach their resting point, you can look at the blade as you continue to twist and watch the mechanics of the device push the center of the blade up, bending the blade in an arch until the blade hits the bottom of the doors where your set adjustment level is reached. This is where I expect the twisting to stop firm. Mine does not. I can continue twisting another 1/4 to 1/2 turn until it finally stops twisting. This final 1/4 to 1/2 turn is tougher to twist with more resistance and offers no visual adjustment to the blade but does finally come to a firm stop.
Is this normal?
Normal. And actually there have been some here who own adjustable razors that do not do that.

Yours is functioning as it should Sir, keep calm and shave on!

Normal. And actually there have been some here who own adjustable razors that do not do that

As I mentioned above, my Fat Boy and my Slim do however, my Super Adjustable Black Beauty does not and it is in near mint condition. It closes very tight.
Just be sure to unlock it by twisting a 1/4 turn in the other direction before changing the adjustment. Then you re-lock it after the adjustment is changed.
If the prior owner didn't twist all the way, your may be harder than normal due to soap deposit build up. If you believe yours is harder than normal, a good cleaning is in order. I like the boiling water method. Don't drop the razor in boiling water, but bring a pan of water to boil, shut of the heat source, add a small drop of Dawn dish washing detergent, drop the razor in, and leave it for 30 minutes. It will be cool enough to retrieve by then. Any little bits of fuzz or corruption you see oozing out of the razor is stuff you could not otherwise clean. Follow up with a gentle brushing from an old toothbrush.
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