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1957 Gillette Tech: Review, Photos, Measurements, Photo Analysis

Now I'm sure I'll have my Tech replated, and in gold. . . .

no flies on my silver tech, same great, mild shave!

gillette tech measurement.jpg
Wow! Within measurement precision, the baseplate width of 25.10 mm with your newer Tech is the same as the 25.11 mm that I measured with my 1957 Tech. :thumbup1: Gillette definitely changed the cap in later years, but did they keep the baseplate the same? :001_huh: By my eye, it looks like it might be the same.
thx, indeed, looks to be same.

thanks also for all your work to chart these razors!
Fantastic article and critical analysis of a spectacular DE razor (and a piece of history)!
I just purchased a "new" in box 1960 (F3) U.S. Gillette Tech Ball-End and I can't wait to put it into active use!
Mine is essentially identical to yours and might be just about the last year when everything was still made out of brass and steel - no Zamak!
I'm hoping it will outperform and far outlast my DE89 (though I do like my DE89, as it was my 1st DE razor)!


1960 Gillette Tech 3.jpg
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A truly excellent post and bravo on the pictures! I’d always wondered what the blade gap on a tech was. Now i know! Also as far as the weepers and irritation you got using it, i suspect it’s because of your unique shaving style of going xtg and atg twice. If i tried that with a tech it’d chew up my face. I think with the gap as small as it is, it’s probably pulling a lot of the stubble instead of cutting it. I saw that you did try going wtg on your first use and it made me think of the first time i tried a tech. Like you, i had problems with it cutting when shaving wtg but eventually realized that despite conventional wisdom, a little pressure actually makes the tech perform better. At least for me. Using just the weight of the razor didn’t cut it (pun definitely intended.) I suspect it’s because the safety bar is so pronounced that pushing it slightly into the skin allows the blade to actually cut near skin level. Just a theory. In any event excellent post and thanks!
I actually have the same date code Tech, a C2, and I just Piffed a Y4. They both seemed to shave the same for me. I will say that with my limited experience, it is similar to @ShavingByTheNumbers experience. I know everyone says that they are mild razors but to me, the blade exposure on the post war Techs does feel pronounced. The original ball end handle is too narrow and short for me to feel that I have positive control of the razor. That is why I use mine with an aftermarket handle and also why I included an aftermarket handle in my Pif. Like with most razors, there is a learning curve with the Tech. The more I shave with it, the better my shaves. The information about the guard span distance is informative. I have heard that a wider guard span can allow more skin to bunch up in front of the blade edge. Being a fat guy myself, this could be more of an issue for me than it is with a skinnier shaver. As to the blade tabs the OP mentioned, it does feel a bit scary when tightening down on the handle. Tightening down my Rockwell 6S handle doesn't feel nearly as dangerous. The Techs top cap and baseplate are much thinner and the exposed tabs feel more exposed. I just grab a wash cloth and use it over the tabs when tightening and loosening the handle. This was a very in depth post by the OP. However as millions of men have found, you can get good and comfortable shaves with the Tech, but you shouldn't assume you can pick one up and go on auto pilot. Personally I wouldn't recommend it as a razor for a first time shaver until they develop their shaving technique a little.
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