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1956 Gillette Tech No24

A very cool score today while out doing a little antiquing. It’s been a while since I found a Made In England razor in the wild. A 1956 Gillette Tech No24 in very low mileage condition. Not only a beauty of a English razor but came in a unusual swirled Bakelite case that I never seen before. Had to do some research at the Gillette Bible (thank you @mr-razor ) to realize what I had found. The razor does weigh 63g but did not have no blades to confirm date.

FEA79BA2-1C95-445A-96F1-05C9BB6EAA51.jpeg 10561DCD-CD56-4001-B473-EAD1438C588D.jpeg 6A3FA837-7CD5-462C-BEBA-19FEA7EAA334.jpeg BBA2994A-966C-44FC-A9AD-EF475D9EA7EB.jpeg D88F112F-D516-4566-9379-A952AAF11577.jpeg A86B130D-939A-4487-A137-285FD3E3D789.jpeg
Great score!!
One of my favorite Techs!

Congratulations on your score!
Thank you Gentlemen for the kind words

Man I never see any cases in the wild that nice. It looks great, razor too.
Lovely razor. Congratulations on the acquisition. I just love the case.
Funny, that’s how I found it, by the case. I was looking on the bottom shelf’s in a display when I look up and saw the bottom of the Gillette thru the glass. “What do we have here” I said to myself as a yelped with joy inside realizing what it was
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