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1947 Super Speed

Does anyone know why this particular year for Super Speed is special? What is the difference between the 47 and the pre-51? I believe both have no date code? Also how much would a 47 Super Speed go for on Ebay or anywhere else?
I could be wrong on this, but I'm not so sure there is a real shaving difference between the two.

The way you can tell them apart, though, is by the center bar in the head, that the blade fits over. On the 47, the ends are flat. On the pre-51, the ends have a little notch, that you can use to hook a blade out of a dispenser.

I doubt there will be a difference in price. Maybe $10-12 including shipping for a well used but fully servicable, and $25 for really nice one?

Someone else, please correct if I am wrong that there would not be a difference in the shave.
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