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1937 Special Coiffure NOT By Thiers Issard

I just picked up this 5/8 1937 Special Coiffure but much to my surprise the tang doesn't say Thiers Issard.
Instead it says Decorse & Voirin, Negent France on one side and SAM DV on the other.

Is this a vintage blade by the original manufacturer and TI picked up the blanks later for modern distribution as they have done with some other models?

Please forgive ropey photos - I just unpacked this on the bus on my way to work and haven't cleaned it up yet!
IMG_8280.JPG IMG_8281.JPG IMG_8278.JPG IMG_8279.JPG IMG_8277.JPG
Well it happens all the time when a shrinking market, like the straight razor market, consilidates. The flagship model of the old Bismarck company is now sold as the Dovo Bismarck razor. The old Jernbolaget Thumb notch model was rebranded as The CVH Thumb notch series.

The companies perish but their best selling models live on.
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