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1930s RAADVAD Mejeskaer OC - after wonder work by Cap Murphy. Amazing...!!!


A while back I posted pictures of a 1930s Danish made OC razor, the RAADVAD MEJESKAER. The razor was given to me by my 81-year old mother who had had it lying around for decades. It was in bad general condition and bent seriously out of whack.

See this thread for how bad it looked: Danish vintage razor Raadvad - how to realign...?

So after guidance from you my fellow B&B-members I sent the razor to Captain Murphy. And just tonight he sent me these pictures of the razor after he has done realignment and overall clean-up.

WOW. Stunning. Cap is indeed a razor wizard.

And there is a wonderful side story to this: When I told my mother that I had sent the razor to an expert all the way in the US she found that absolutely fascinating. Since then my mother has fallen into some ailments and she told me the other day that whenever she wants to feel in a better mood she just thinks of her old razor travelling the world! - So in this way Cap has given not only me but my whole family a fine memory!

Kudos to a fine gentleman and razor expert.
I can't wait to try it out when it makes its way back to me across the world.

Happy days.

IMG_7920.jpg IMG_7922.jpg IMG_7927.jpg IMG_7923.jpg


Cheaper than ink
Looks really nice again, Peter. He sure did straighten it out!

I look forward to hearing about your first shave using it.
Nice! :thumbsup:

I really like the looks of that razor, especially the handle! But I have to admit, I think I liked it better dark and dirty. :001_rolle
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