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1918 Gillette Khaki Set Razor Cap Question


My current understanding is that the Gillette "old style" razor came with either a thin or thick cap, the thin cap being the earlier design. What is the correct cap that belongs with a 1918 army contract khaki set razor serial number J2XXX? What is the measured thickness of the correct cap for verification purposes? Thanks for your consideration.
Never measured it but it should be the thin cap. I think the thick caps came in the 20s after the introduction of the New Improved.

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The thin caps were used until the 20’s, as far as I recall. Lots of these sets appear on the bay, or you could post a Want to Buy on our illustrious BST section.
I need a thin top cap then in order to complete a khaki set which came with what I believe to be the thick cap. Is this something I can find easily without the need to purchase another entire razor or another entire set?

Another question I had related to the khaki set is if there were ever any changes made to the ball style handle throughout the life of the old type razor that would distinguish whether it was civilian or us army contract?
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Thin caps were prone to bend out of shape, so getting a mint one is not the easiest, some luck will be needed.
There were different ball end handle versions but the civilian/army issue were the same. The serial number (batches of 100) and property of... stamp in the comb and case marks army issue.
Do you know if the standard "old type" razor outside of either the civilian or army issue khaki set had the same handle as well? Does the patent date stamped on the handle tell you anything relevant about its age?
Canadian and US produced ball ends were different. While there is only one version of the US made ball end (pre 1921) Canada had several versions, “normal”, thin, thin smooth ball end, thin smooth. Canada struggled with handle production, so came up with their own designs (seemingly much earlier than the classic ball end was introduced in the US).
After the original patents expired, the “normal” ball end handle remained in production, but without the patent stamps.
Then came the New type ball end handle with the New razors in 1929-30. This had a new patent stamp, thinner neck and slightly different shaped ball.
And some late Old types (post 1921) had the same New type handle, but without any patent stamp.

From Achim:

“Normal” pre 1921 ball end:

Early Canadian ball end:

Thin Canadian:

Post 1921 ball end:

New type ball end:
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The handle that came with this set looks like the pre 1921 from your link, and is stamped on the tube above the ball end with Pat. Nov 15.04.
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