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1915 President Taft Pen?

Ok, so found this today at my go to shop, its says on the body, "OFFICIAL PEN USED BY PRESIDENT TAFT IN SIGNING PPIE BILL" and has a date of 1915. Nib is Re-Li-On 27 Golden. Just thought it was an interesting looking pen and cool history if it was actually used by president taft to sign the bill. I see current presidents using multiple pens nowadays to sign bills and then give them away, I supposed they did this back then too? What ya think?

Thank you! It was randomly in a cup behind a bunch of "stuff" at his place near my house,it caught my eye and when I saw it said president Taft used it, I just had to have it. Only $7 for it! I couldnt believe it! I think it will be just a nice decorative piece and conversation starter more than anything, BUT... I did just get some new ink.... sooo... we'll see :) Ill check out that website and if possible, email them a picture. Thanks!
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