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1912 Barling ad

I only very recently discovered the joy of pipes (thanks to one I picked up on BST, which Hirsute now owns). My interest so far has come to focus mostly on Barlings. While scanning eBay for listings, I stumbled onto one for a 1912, 2-page ad that was published in Australia in S Hoffnungs & Co Diary and Almanac.

Barling's are famous for not having advertised broadly. This ad is from the company's centennial year, and I haven't been able to find anything like it anywhere on the Internet, so I think it might be pretty special. The mailman delivered it today. I thought I'd share it here first.

My scanner wasn't large enough to capture the entire length of the pages. A photo from the eBay listing is included below the scans.



That is cool, would be interesting to know the prices of them, here are some from an old WDC catalog with pricing, how 'bout a gourd Calabash for $5.85 :001_smile...
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Interesting to hear they didn't advertise in the traditional sense. I know that they would write letters to Hollywood well-to-dos and Bing Crosby was one of their main proponents.
Looks great Ken, please post a pic of it in a frame if that's where it ends up. I am a big time advertisement collector and have always felt that they are a very true art form not to mention they are much cheaper than most other art forms. The best aspect of them for me is how they reflect the time period through colors, fonts, language, and imagery. For me they are better reflections of their era than any art work out there.

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