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1903-14 Mandarin SE razor

Just got this in today, a Mandarin razor made in Germany between 1903 and 1914 according to Wait's Safety Razor Compendium. The first question for me is will it take a modern blade or is it just another pretty wedge razor. It's both!



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Another DFS from an interesting old razor. I just needed two passes and minimal touch up. Nice audible feedback, comfortable shave on a blade used 3 or 4 times before.
Thanks, it was made in cooperation with Wilkinson. They both use that style roller guard. I guess that explains the 1914 end date, the start of WWI.

Judging from the silk liner, this set was originally sold by that shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Nice razor! I see you managed to make a Gem single-edge blade work in it, but I think I saw the tops of two re-sharpenable blades and sharpening handle in that case, which improves the collector's value on the razor.
Yes, it came with three blades, one in it and the other two in holders. Plus it came with the stropping handle and blade holder.

I shaved with it today. It's great fun using these old razors.
A revival of a thread that should be in the Single Edge razors area. A beautiful old razor and the case looks like new. Love it.
I just won one for a too high price but the roller comb razors seem to be going high these days except for the Wilkinson sets. Based on the painted metal case I suspect that this is a earlier made one than the OP's version.

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