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1874 Johan Engstrom impulse buy that should arrive in a week

I bought this razor as an impulse buy and couldn’t beat the price. Hopefully it will clean up nicely and hone well. More pics will follow when it arrives in a week or so and will do before and afters.
Very nice, looks like a 4/8? The missing pin should be easy enough to fix yourself and cheap enough to sub out if you wanted. It should clean up nicely! Congratulations!

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I just got the razor today and I am quite surprised how sharp it is and it looks like a little polishing, a light hone, and the pin fixed, it’s as good as new. I may have to send this one to Larry at whipped dog for some fixing because repinning is beyond what I can do right now. Besides I wouldn’t want to mess this one up. In all honesty I thought this was a knock off at first since I two so cheap, but after it’s in my hands it’s the real deal. My question is, the scales look like celluloid, shouldn’t the be horn ?
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