1800s Style Shaving Brush

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    IMAG0972_1.jpg IMAG0975_1.jpg Just finished up this replica of a Civil War era shaving brush. I turned the handle from cherry salvaged from a dead tree that a friend of mine cut down in his yard, the wrapping is natural hemp cord, and the knot is a 19mm horse hair knot from Virginia Sheng. I had my first shave with it this morning, which was also my first time ever using a horse hair brush. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the horse hair is much softer than any of the badger brushes that I own. No scritch whatsoever. I'm thinking that this will be my new go-to shaving brush!
  1. Great job, looks great. Really like the wrapped upper part.
  2. Neat looking brush.
  3. Fantastic! Very impressive.

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  4. Very nice brush.
  5. Awesome! Extra cool points for it being a style I’ve never seen before. Love the hemp wrap around the cup.
  6. Graydog

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    Did you treat the hemp in anyway?
  7. Very cool looking brush.
  8. ajkel64

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    Very nice brush, thanks for sharing.
  9. Ice-Man

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    Wow love the style like yourself very impressed with horse hair I did a rubber set 400 in one.

    But that looks beautiful Sir!!!
  10. Very cool!

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  11. Nice looking brush.
  12. Looks great!! :a14::a14:
  13. Very cool.
  14. Very impressive. I love cherry. :)
  15. Thank you all for the kind words! It was a fun brush to build. I tried to model it after this original example dating from the Civil War. Almost all of the original examples that I've studied were fitted with horsehair knots, and the few that I saw that weren't, had boar knots. I love the horsehair. It's very soft, but once wet, it doesn't have the backbone of a badger or boar knot. It's a great brush for lathering creams, though!

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  16. Yes, the hemp is treated with the same clear sealer that the wood is finished with. It withstands water very nicely.
  17. Graydog

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    Looks nice!
  18. emwolf

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    very cool, nicely done.
  19. Impressive brush.

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