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$180 for a rubberset 400 #4 !


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Thanks for the pic. It's a nice brush but i didn't think they were that rare. Interesting how the market is going. Maybe it's a shaving brush bubble.:tongue_sm

Geeez...I just ran into that post somewhere...There were some Ducks sold with them,and I saved the pictures:
I know folks love the aluminum Rubberset 400, but I just don't see the attraction. Rubberset was an outstanding quality maker of shaving brushes and is my favorite brand, but the 400 just looks like an old screwdriver handle. I think the wooden ones are much nicer looking, and the prices that the aluminum ones are fetching are ridiculous. To each their own, I guess.
I own three 400's and watch them all the time looking for a good deal on a fourth. I see what they sell for and I've seen a NOS one with a box go about that high once so that auction certainly isn't a good representation of current prices. With that much for a used one I think a couple people who didn't want to lose were fighting it out and someone's ego cost them a few bucks that day.
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