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1752 down to zero

As the tube burped out the last of its contents this morning, I realized I was out of my Casswell Massey 1752 Sandalwood after shave gel :sad: In anticipation of today, I have been searching for this product with no avail :sad: The company where I bought it from is gone :sad: I Google and nothing :sad: Is it still available ?
After letting this sit in a drawer for the longest time, I began using it and have been hooked on the cooling and conditioning powers of this fantstic gel. Does anyone have any updated information about this product ?
Dinder just picked some up, so you might want to send him a PM.

Let me know if you find out as I'm also interested.
GeeQue said:
Yes Bruce, I was there. But they don't have the Gel. They only carry the Balm.

Sorry, my mistake. I did not realize there was also a "GEL". I have sampled the balm before and thought it quite nice.
@ Bruce:
Yes, I also use the balm...it's also very good.
I just sent the folks from the link you posted an email inquiring for this specific product...maybe they still have some and they are not showing it.

I sent a pm to Dinder...hopefully he has some info for us.

I felt bad for pointing you in the wrong direction. So, I contacted Casswell-Massey directly and they stated that the aftershave gel has been discontinued.

Not a problem Bruce. I figured it was discontinued. They discontinued the 1752 sandal cologne also. I have about 1/4 bottle left. It is quite unique. Pictured below left to right...the balm, the gel, the cologne.

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