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160th Post PIF

I have been collecting a few items to PIF and figured my 160th post was a good time to pay it forward. I have been here at B&B since last April and have met and made friends with some great people. Everyone on here is always willing to provide excellent advice and assist in any way. Many thanks to those that are always willing to help someone in need.

My first PIF consists of all the items pictured below. These are some of my favorite items that I discovered when I was starting out with this shaving adventure.

This will be a Conus only PIF because I might throw in an aftershave or two. I would like this to go to a fairly new person here at B&B.

To qualify, you must have less than 160 posts and say I'm in. Not mandatory, but if you are really new at wet shaving, tell us how your wet shaving journey is going so far.

I will pick a number at random and announce the winner on January 1st.

Good luck to those that enter and I wish you all a great New Year!

I'm in! It appears that everything you have, I have yet to try. I've heard great things about Tabac, and I've never even seen Old Spice cream. What is the soap in the clear plastic tub, if I may inquire?
I'm in, Shaving journey has been ever improving, but bottom of neck still bothersome. Some tips from posters have helped, but not eliminated the problem. Great PIF though, possibly one of the shave creams would help:)
I'm in on your most generous PIF as well. Some of the items I would like to try, but haven't had the opportunity as yet. Thanks!
I'm in...3 shaves in to date....the first one took me 3 tries before I could get the lather anywhere close to being right...the second was fraught with nicks...the 3rd was much better, but I realize if practice makes perfect, I am going to need to be in training camp for a long time..

Thanks for the opportunity.

Happy New Year wishes to all.
I'm in!!! Looks like an awesome assortment. I also started a few days ago I have tried a Merkur blade and a Dorco 301. I have been using a brush and shave soap for a while. I have only tried a few shave soaps. And cheap brushes but here's my take on what I have tried.

Van Der Hagen - Lathers great but dries my skin out a bit
Shae Moisture Shave Butter - Goes on like thick frosting and I can't get it to lather but man does it leave my face feeling amazing.
Prorasso Green Tub - My current favorite an icy cold feeling and whips up a thick lather fast. It also leaves my skin feeling good.
I'm in. The best part is that as my technique has improved, I'm getting my best shaves ever. I still get weepers on my neck from time to time, and have to be careful not to do "one last pass" to try to get BBS every day. Restraint is so hard...
I'm in!

you are awesome for offering this, I have not been on the forum for long but am realizing how great a community this is!!

I have been been due shaving for three days now, shaved twice so far. First time was great although I missed a few spots and didn't want to irritate my skin too much so just left it. The second I got a great shave but took some skin off in a few spots!! Now on day three I did not shave and have razor burn on my lower part of my neck. Practice will make perfect, my Carthage and goo quickly was shoved in the back of my bottom drawer :laugh:
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