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160 blades and 14 years later

I bought my first 130-blade sample pack from West Coast Shaving in 2009. I shave 1-2x a week on average. I've bought a few Ladas and additional Feather packs over this time and am now I'm down to a pack of Feather SS.

I kinda stopped logging my shaves years ago. I do recall not liking Derby blades, finding them pretty rough.

I'm starting to get into slants and need to order more blades and thinking about another sampler (like one from RBC) or just getting a few 5-10 packs of a few brands/models and calling it done for another several years.

Any insight on blades that have worked well for your slants or where you might go from here if you were in my slippers?

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
I suggest some KAI SS blades for a mild slant because they are extra wide(9/1000 of a inch or .0045" per side) and are good for other mild razors also IMO. Buy a few tucks off amazon. Kai SS blades are sharp & smooth with excellent longevity.
A nice sharp & smooth blade will work also like GSB , 7oClock SP & Perma- sharp.
For a aggressive slant I have had good results with Personna reds with a light touch works well.
Enjoy your slant razor shaving.
@Ron R - thanks! Pending any other folks' recommendations, I'll pick up a few of the blades you suggested. I am fond of Kai stuff in general. I have their MG blades for my Feather Artist Club and a pair of fabric scissors that are scary sharp :)

The slants that are on deck are: Parker Semi-Slant, Yaqi OC Slant (not Slope), PAA Monster OC, Fatip Stordo Original and maybe a Suplerslant at some point.
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I've only been shaving for a few years now. In that time I've bought 4 slant razors which are a FOCS, German, Semi and a Yaqi OC. I've just used my 3 go to blades in them. Which are Gillette Perma-Sharps. Nacets and Silver Blues. I've never thought of trying different blades in them. But I'll certainly have to now 😆.
I've found these blades work for me in modern CNC Milled razors beautifully:

R K Stainless Steel blade
Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum
Gillette Nacet
Wilkinson Sword (India)
Feather Hi Stainless Steel
Glatz Platinum blade

I get anywhere from 1 to 8 shaves from each blade and highly prefer to use them only till it is effortlessly clears the stubble, and these blades don't skip or leave stubble when paired with correct razor according to my needs.


Gillette Nacet, 7 O'clock Super Platinum, Glatz blade with Green Cult razor

Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum, Feather, Glatz blade with Blackbird and Game Changer 84 Open Comb razor

Gillette Nacet, 7 O'clock Super Platinum, R K Stainless Steel blade in RazoRock Wunderbar slant razor

Wilkinson Sword, R K Stainless Steel blade in Parker Variant Adjustable
Let us know which of the brands in your sample packs worked best for you and we may be able to provide better recommendations.

Many of us on B&B have realized good results from the newer made in Vietnam Dorco Stainless (ST-300/301) and Prime (STP300/301) blades. You can pick up 100 of the ST-300's on Amazon for less than $6. Dorcos are currently my top blade.
@Lane101 - i opted to just order a handful of specific blades that had good reports in slant use and I'll see if I can just hone in on some that work good for that application.

Feather HS, Perma-Sharps, some Gilettes in a few different types.
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