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16 years ago today. A weird sports day

16 years ago today:

The OJ Simpson car chase happened
The NY Rangers had their Stanley Cup ticker tape parade
The NY Knicks beat the Houston Rockets in Game 5 of the NBA Finals
THe 1994 World Cup opened in Chicago
Ken Griffey Jr hit is 30th homer of the season (Yes, 30th homer of the season by mid-JUne)
Arnold Palmer played his last round ever at a US Open
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The OJ car chase, I think, is a... I'm not sure what word to use. Defining? Certainly, a memorable moment for my generation. I remember watching that white Bronco speeding down the highway and thinking, "What the @#$% does he think he's doing? Where's he going to go?"

He'd always seemed like such a likable guy - in the Naked Gun movies and as a football analyst for, I think, CBS. He had a great rapport with Terry Bradshaw.

It's hard to believe all of that was 16 years ago.
I was young, but I remember my father was trying to watch the NBA Finals and they broke in with the OJ Simpson low speed chase and put the NBA in a small box in upper corner of the TV with no audio. My father was not too happy.
I had a law class that year in high school (11th grade)...we ended up discussing the legal aspects of OJ in class. :001_huh:
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