FS #15 (2nd Gen) Aristocrat

Discussion in 'Buy- Sell- Trade' started by Hannah's Dad, Jun 14, 2018.

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    [PayPal and continental US only, and price includes shipping, PayPal fees and insurance]

    I am offering this legendary second generation British Aristocrat #15. Rhodium is bright and clean, TTO works flawlessly, as is typical with the Brits. There are minor surface scratches on the silo doors, but these do not lessen the gleam in the Rhodium.

    The case is also very clean, shiny nickel plated and has the attached blade holder with 3 Blue Blades in it. The case latch does not work, however, and the lid lays all the way back when opened.

    (Pictures were taken a few minutes ago, but I forgot to have name/date with them. I am happy to take them all again if someone insists.)

    Price — $215

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  1. A few more pics.

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  2. Beautiful razor GLWTS
  3. I’ve been informed by a kind fellow B&Ber that my price is too high. I have no reason to dispute that, though I paid $220 for a first gen #15 just a couple of months ago. (I suppose I was too eager to own one!). Accordingly, price is reduced to $175 shipped.
  4. Really?! How come?
    How often do we see those 2nd gen for sale in great mechanical order?
    How often the razor has no brassing and/or pitting (like this one!) - pitting especially is relatively common?
    How often the set comes in the rarer case variation with leather-like lining?
    How often that case is not bent/dent?

    We can not just say too hi/too low. This is not a Fatboy/Slim that sells by hundreds monthly.

    Great looking set!
  5. I really, really respect your opinion, @tonich . In fact, in light of your post, I’ve decided to keep this razor. I didn’t realize just how special it is. Thank you for your honesty!
  6. I’m pulling a Brett Favre. This razor has now un-retired, and is once again for sale. Price is $195 shipped.
  7. Dragonsbeard

    Dragonsbeard Contributor

    Beautiful set and at a reasonable price. They are hard to find as mentioned and if I didn't have one already I'd be on this one so GLWTS!
  8. Thank you!!
  9. Agreed! This a great razor and I love using mine. I knowingly paid a premium to get an awesome piece and don't regret it. The price is in line with quality.
  10. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    The British #15 and #16 are among the best of the heavyweights , with superb mechanisms....They can easily go for $250 on the "bay".....
  11. Well, if nobody bites on here, the bay is where it will end up. Thanks for the feedback!
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