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14 more days?


The city will collect Christmas trees tomorrow, and again two weeks later.

I took off all the decorations except for the one I missed, but I didn’t take off the lights yet.

It’s going to be a struggle to get it out and a mess to clean up afterward. It seems we got quite the tree this year. Once we got it in and the branches relaxed it took up half the room. It is definitely bigger now than our doorways.

I don’t think I am up for all that tonight. So.... fourteen more days? 8785FFA1-F656-4F3A-8D75-F3906218B49D.jpeg
Well, it had to go.

It was taking up space where a big armchair was, and because our front room is so small, the armchair was pressed into the dining room, which also serves as our dance studio.

Dancing has to happen, and the tree had to go so that everything could get shifted. I took it out. It was a big ordeal.

Good riddance!
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