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132 Blades - Gillette Nacent Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

Today saw the end of my single Gillette Nacent out of Russia. The blade has few faults. I think the biggest negative is that when it started to dull, the slope downward was steep. That's about it. On the positive side, relatively bloodless and FOUR, yes FOUR, BBS shaves for me. I thought the Big Ben Super Stainless with a score of 8.67 was likely at or near the upper limit of what my scoring system would allow, but the Nacent scored a whopping 9.00. Mind you, 10.00 is that theoretical super blade that gives 7 BBS shaves in a row with no blood and is smooth as silk EVERY TIME; not going to happen. Can a blade out-score the Nacent? Maybe, but I'm guessing that 9.05 to 9.15 would be the best attainable in this world for ANY blade. I'm looking forward to testing 3 of these consecutively. I'm thinking 4-5 shaves and out and with familiarity, no blood.

In looking at just the first 4 shaves, it scores a whopping 9.64, reflecting 4 consecutive smooth BBS shaves with comfort levels at 9 or 10 the whole time and blood at only 3 weepers. On the charts (below) it is as far above the Big Ben as the Big Ben is above the Bolsano.



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