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132 Blades - First Blade, first shave

I have received my blades from Razor Blades Club. Generally, I have no problem with the purchase or shipment but will note that I had the blades in hand before I got a tracking number.

I have refined my rating system and have the criteria attached for anyone who may be interested and want to follow. Posts should come about every 4-5 days, basically after I finish with each blade. Each post will be under a new thread as each one will be for a different blade. Threads will start like this one, with "132 Blades".

While I will generally not post a first shave but since this is a first shave for the first blade in the whole series, I decided to give it a go.

The blade:
Manufacturer: Samah Razor Blades Industries LTD
Country: Bangladesh
Coating: Platinum

Darned smooth blade. Gave an easy DFS and I probably could have gotten a BBS shave if I had worked on it more, but 2 polishing passes is the limit so it's comfort and smoothness raring is a 9 and the shave quality is also a 9. I had one bleeder (chin) and 3 weepers (neck) that were quite small such that they resolved within a minute. I am optimistic for this blade.


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Great blade! I'm on a somewhat similar journey with a full RBC pack (and some extras from other sources). I found the Samah blades to be all pretty similar if not the same, and uniformly excellent.
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