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132 Blades - Big Ben Super Stainless

Along comes a blade that makes me change my evaluation criteria. When I set up the criteria I figured getting to 6 shaves would be rather rare so I scored six or more a 10 rating, but a few blades now have given me 6 shaves and none have made a full week. I revised my rating system and all previous scores so that 7+ rates a 10 score while 6 rates a 9 score.

The Big Ben Super Stainless was a blade I was sorry to see go. It is my high scoring blade so far with the ASCO Super Stainless I liked so much having a revised score of 8.33. Tail end Charlie is still the Abest High Platinum Swiss Steel scoring 6.33 with the Bic Chrome Platinum trolling the abyss with a score of 6.57. Neither will come near my face again.

I am sorely tempted to buy 100 of the Big Ben's straight away with another 100 order for the ASCO blades. Truthfully, I could shave with them and be quite happy. I won't do it because the next blade may be even better.

In looking forward, I see that the Derby an Dorco blades are not far away alphabetically. Both are, for me, a cause for anxiety. I rate both as being in a dead heat for the worst blades I've ever tried. Here's hoping that they figure out how to sharpen blades when my samples were manufactured. My pervious post on Dorco blades:
Dorco blades are a multi-step process.
Step 1: Call an exorcist
Step 2: Kill it with fire
Step 3: Bury the remains
Step 4: Buy almost anything else.
and, when asked about my desert island blade choice, I replied

They are about as sharp as a flat river rock so they will be easy to replace.
When asked about my worst blades, I still stand by this reply, but have to add Abest and Bic Chrome Platinum

Absolute worst - Dorco blades regardless of type
I'd use a butter knife before I would use another - Derby
Shaving with this blade makes me think it would be more cruel than water boarding - Merkur
Still, for the purpose of this test, I HAVE to give them a chance...

The Big Ben

Revised scores

Next blade - Big Ben Super Stainless (Purple)
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