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132 Blades - Big Ben Classic

I was hoping this blade would be another Big Ben Super Stainless but that was not to be. Still, it gave a good account of itself with a score of 8.24. It is situated in third behind the aforementioned super stainless and the Asco. This blade has helped me a bit in where I am going to draw a line in the end and this one will likely fall into "will use but will not buy". If in a position to buy 100 of them for a really good price, I don't think I would. While shave quality is good, blood events were undesirable. The longevity of the blade, still giving good shaves, accounts for the high score, but I just can't take to a blade where you have to resolve yourself to blood loss to get the longevity. I would much rather a blade give me 3 good shaves and an acceptable shave then give up the ghost rather than have a long life with good shaves at a price.


Grundi was nice enough to PIF me two vintange Wizamet Polsilver Blades. Many thanks for that. After they arrive, I will insert one into the test immediately and give results as quickly as possible. Until then, tomorrow is the first shave for a Bluebird by Derby.
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