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12 people needed for small box PIF

12 people for this round.

250 post count, 90 days active member, CONUS (for this round at least)

Here's the scoop:

A list of 12 names will be chosen. At random, or in order. Just depends on how I feel that day when I write out the list.

Person one buys a gift for person 2, 2 for 3, 3 for 4, etc. 12 for 1. Or, it may be at random. I may just tell you who you're sending to and you won't know who it's coming from. Give me your thoughts.

The gift can be anything discussed on this forum. (Would help to research your recipients posts and find out their interests.) Tea, straights, DE's, coffees, pens, cufflinks, hats, cologne, AS.

Make a NICE package for your recipient. If you get a bottle of cologne, maybe gift wrap it or put in some samples of others. Or of SC.

Everyone will send out a package at the same time, so virtually no waiting.

I think to keep things fair a gift should be valued at around $50. If you put more than that in, fine, however don't expect you will get more from whomever send you a gift.

If you wish to participate and meet the requirements, please post here your interest.
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Ooo secret santa type deal. I'm prob not in because of the price tag (totally fair, don't change it). Good luck! and I can't wait to see what comes of it.
Cool PIF. I can't join, I lurked too long bfore signing up officially. It's only been 80 days for me. Il give you a bump, though.


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Every time I see the title of this thread, my brain reads: "12 People Needed For Small Pox PIF" :lol:
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