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$100 to spend, which DE to get

Has anybody suggested the Merkur Progress? It's adjustable, yes, but can give a fine shave even at its mildest.

Damn, I forgot to add this to my recommendation!

I'm a huge fan of the progress and would recommend this highly to the OP.
The one with all the horrible QC problems?

I'll pass thanks
I believe they had some QC problems way back when they started and that was a different design anyway. I have mine since 2018 and it is one of my favorite razors. I have quite a few razors to compare it with, 50 be more exact. The 6S is an excellent razor.

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I own the Rockwell 6c, the Lupo .72 SB, the Gamechanger. 84, and the Karve brass with plates C & D. I like them all. The Karve feels different on face, like it shouldn't be taking off the extra growth ever so easily that formed because I skipped a couple extra days between shaves. I've only used the D plate, and I only use it when there's extra growth due to the skipped days. No tugging or pulling, and it gets the not when I feel I need to have a comfortable, superior shave without taking any chances with the others.

The 6c is usually used in R5 or R6, and the Lupo .72 is definitely more mild than the others I've listed. Good shaver though.
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