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100 Personna Red - $15 + shipping

Who doesn't check WCS deals daily?!

I'm tempted to get some because I've heard good things about these blades. But I think that's just my obsessive AD. There's nothing (currently) wrong with my Astra SPs.
It is exactly the same blade that WCS have in the UK packaging. Is it really worth it for you to have a red wrapper for $5 extra?
I just bought 100 Personna Reds in the UK packaging from WCS. Yes, the exact same blade, and an unbeatable deal IMHO.
Wow, I've been reading around to see what blades to buy in bulk for the first time, I have read a few times that the personna red is a great bet. So the ones on WCS for 12 dollars, with the English packaging are the same as the ones for 17? That is a great price.

I have come across a seller/shop on e-bay, who does great prices on blades, plus "free shipping" ;)

They do 100 shark, Astra blue superior and Astra superior, all for 11 dollars each, shipped. They do other ones too, but they seem the best value/most reputable brand.

Any pointers on which one, if any, of those I should go for?

If I get some, I will probably take 20 out of them and PIF them to people who want to try a new blade :)
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