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10 years on B&B

Congrats on your 10yr at B&B

I'm going on my 7th. But remember a lot of those topics from when I first joined up.

Things have changed a bit. But they were great times and I enjoyed the learning curve. Wet shaving back then seemed just as enjoyable, as it does now days.
Glad to see it’s been an enduring hobby and effort! Its bittersweet.. i started around the same time, i have too much of the pre-artisan stuff to be stocking up on the last 5 years or so of soaps and creams that came out!! But i still want to try it!!
I was 32 years old and looking for a better way to shave. I had been married for 5-6 years and had zero children. Just my lovely wife and my 2 dogs.

I stumbled across B&B and never looked back.

J.M. Frasers was unobtainium for some, and Booster’s barbershop splashes were all the rage. Oakmoss, Oriental spice, Polar Ice all had matching shave creams. There were a few other scents that were floating around… like Iced Lime.

Arko and Williams fans were always bantering in a gentlemanly fashion.

Slant razors were considered blasphemy for some and the Merkur 39C was intimidating…but not as intimidating as Muhle’s R41.

MWF was the king of soaps but impossible to lather for many. Or was it Cella?

Vintage Gillette’s and locating a birth razor was the main goal for most.

What in the world is a PIF and how do I close my BST post?

Dirty Bird was the Cadillac of scuttles, while Georgetown was tinkering with heat retention issues.

Bowl lathering was the best lathering method.

Face lathering was the best lathering method.

Feathers were the sharpest blades ever made, and Astra’s were the safety net of a smooth shave for most.

Bay Rum appeared in every 2nd thread and Bootlegger’s was science experiment that had not quite been perfected.

Aqua Velva was the benchmark of aftershaves, with Green AV being longed for by our American friends.

Floid blue was readily available.

Razorock was the best bang for the buck as far as the very limited options among artisans…at that time.

Mama Bear’s was alleged to be the best glycerine soap in town. “Melt and pour” was it?

Simpson’s badger brushes were the end game of brushes, with synthetics being nothing more than a concept...unless of course you were a boar lover. Semogue was your best choice. You’ll want a 1280, or was it 810? 620? I can’t keep track.

I’m am sure I could go on for hours and hours and I know I’m missing tons of other products and topics. Things have changed quite a bit in the last decade. Artisans soap makers and razor makers are more and more available. The offerings of soaps are from companies and places I have probably never heard of.

I’ve aged, still married and have 2 beautiful children. My dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge. A few things that haven’t changed however. I’ve never picked up a cartridge razor since joining this forum. Members remain gentlemanly and banter over products, which has continued to be both informative and entertaining.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of this journey B&B.

10 years has come and gone so quickly. I am truly humbled.

Thanks for reading,


Congratulations! :)
my friend...impressive impeachment for 10yrs membership (Yeah Baby!!!).

Now that you've reached 10yrs...we all can look forward to reading another 10yrs of your insightful, experienced and
inspiring posts. :yesnod:

"Badger and Blade…a place of belonging; a place that’s far beyond the frontiers of just getting a cut and/or a shave”.
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