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1 month in, I don't have a problem

Hate to break it to you, but you *do* have a problem... You don't have any Stirling products. Luckily for you, that problem is easy to fix ;)
You are correct...no problem at all...18 shaving soaps/creams is reasonable product research. Any less and you could be accused of not caring about the health of your most vital organ.
Nice travel kit!

Haha... made me laugh!
I got the same same problem @roosty
Im 2 months in though, and a less soap products than you (7), but my 6th razor is in the mail, got 4 brushes, and I eyeballed one more razor. The most ridicoulus thing in my case, is that I started DE shaving to save money because I thought cartridges was way to expensive :a6::clown:
I am so happy with my Timeless that I am hoping it keeps me content for awhile or I will go broke. I should be getting a Razrock brush today along with some Tabac. Did someone say I need some Stirling products? I'll have to check that out. This wet shaving is saving me so much money ;)
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