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042 $50.00 Captain's Choice Gift Certificate #1 of 2

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Please join us for the 7th annual Auction in memory of our dear friend Sue Moore!

In continued celebration of Sue's life and to benefit the good work of The National Breast Cancer Foundation, we are proud to offer a Gift Certificate - $50.00 which was generously donated by @Captain Pre-Capsize.
Please be sure to visit the Captain's Choice Store at www.captainschoicestore.com and the Captain's Choice B&B Forum.

The $50.00 gift certificate is able to be applied to any product in the store

Ahoy! There is a little something The Captain would like to share with the generous gentlemen of Badger and Blade! Remember that all proceeds go to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, every penny. It is possible that as you bid on an item that you consider its worth and how much to bid. That is natural and to be expected if buying something online.

But this is auction is different, it is actually a fundraiser.

Your bid is a pledge to donate to a worthy cause. The bonus is that if you have the winning bid then you receive something in your mailbox for your generosity.

Happy bidding!

All Products — Captain s Choice(3).png All Products — Captain s Choice.png All Products — Captain s Choice(1).png All Products — Captain s Choice(2).png

Shipping Restrictions: All aftershaves can only be shipped to CONUS addresses due to alcohol content.

The Rules:
1. All bids must be placed in this thread.
2. Only bids may be posted in this thread, any post that does not contain a bid will be removed.
3. Once a bid is placed, all subsequent bids must be in the minimum bidding increments of 5.00 Dollars.
4. This auction will end on October, 21 at 2000 hours (8:00 pm) EDT
5. Any bid placed within the last 15 minutes will extend the auction by 1 hour. Sorry, no sniping!
6. We consider all bids made to be in good faith and binding, so do not bid if you can not or do not intend to pay!
7. Your payment will be made HERE. If we do not have payment within 96 hours (4 days) your bid will be voided and offered to the next highest bidder.
8. All decisions made by the B&B team are final.

Now, without further ado, do I have an opening bid ?

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