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    Artisan's Vs traditional

    whats better .... artisan toilet paper or non artisan toilet paper? same splinters getting you in the same place. And you still gotta apply it manually. So does paying twice as much make it twice as better?
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    Artisan's Vs traditional

    its not about tiers of economy. If the 50 dollar a pound soaps were superior to everything else, then we would ONLY be buying them. but a lot of get superior shaves with a puck of Williams then with your wonder soap.
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    The Tech Clone Wars

    anyone ever comprise a full list of the clones and photos, in a sensible manner?
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    Does the (early Super Speed) Aristocrat Junior and Ranger Tech's shave the same ?

    when it comes to the early tto razors before 1950, MANY of the American ones were using components that were made for the ranger tech and earlier American tto tech razor of closed bar design. As components ran out, they simply made new versions of them. So a lot of your early tto techs will be...
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    1958 Ball End Tech - First Shave

    cant beat a tech. simply cant. They take a small midge of time to get used to. Being so efficient, they don't need to rip your face off on a single pass. ONLY time I have issue with a Tech is when I haven't shaved in 3 days. THEN its simply Fatboy time.
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    Getting nicks 2+ months

    first step get an actual shaving soap or cream. What your using isn't even as good as using butter on your face to shave with. Second step, only shave WITH the grain.
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    Time to Embrace my Masculinity

    I face lather with my omega silver tip. That thing is kitten tummy soft. Its soft and luxurious. IVe tried the plastic brushes, they suck
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    Eropean creams in a tube

    The strangest thing was, ALL of the companies claimed they had never had a customer complain about it. And the tubes were new stock. Like, 1-2 years old.
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    Seen on Amazon VdH page

    recycling programs get sharp metal and glass every day. Last time I used a recycle bin system, it was designed to SHRED the metal cans as they went into it. THATS a hell of a lot more dangerous then two or 3 razor blades getting loose. All the systems for glass have the glass shatter when it...
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    Seen on Amazon VdH page

    they should be shot for calling vander hagen soap..... a soap.... and especially as "one of Americas/worlds number one top tier luxury shaving soaps" I think shaving ones "man parts" with a rusted out derby blade and a merkur set on 5 would be more enjoyable then what that guy did.
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    Worlds oldest (still in production) aftershave?

    ill still say Listerine is the olderst product marketed as an aftershave. the oldest ads ive seen start with the mention of sanitizing the skin after a shave. THen mention the clean smelling mouth it can provide.
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    Worlds oldest (still in production) aftershave?

    the recipe was changed with the buyout. They cheapened the recipe that was sold in the USA.
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    Time to Embrace my Masculinity

    hmmm I see the issue as .. if I need to buy my own badger, I wont because its smelly. But if it is gifted to me, I have no issues using it whatsoever and any shortcomings caused by smell are easily dealt with by the fact it wasn't paid for with my money
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    Gillette Carbon Steel Blades

    the only one they admitted that was carbon steel was the treet classic. sometime between 2016 and 2017 they say they changed it to a standard stainless steel blade. I can tell a difference in the blade. The original carbon treet classic was good for about 9 shaves before it went to "derby...
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    Charles Roberts Method Shaving: Pioneer or Over-thinker?

    Who can actually trust the stuff made by anyone who is reselling product... I sure cant and don't. Bullgoose is a rather crafty SOB.. everything that stops selling instantly becomes a "cannot be discussed item" on his shaving forum site. Anything he has in massive levels is automatically the...
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    when did shaving cream start happening?

    cella is technically a cream
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    Gillette Carbon Steel Blades

    only blades made in the DE pattern are intended for industrial cutting equipment. Although they are the correct thickness, youd want to do a little bit of finish work on the cutting edges.
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    Personna Identification

    buying in the bulk box is the best way to get the same thing the whole carton through. However I opened my second 100 pack of American made personanna blades and find the newer ones thicker
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    Time to Embrace my Masculinity

    Sorry you may be misguided on things. NOTHING beats the water and lather retention of a BADGER brush. The softness is so wonderful its like rubbing your face on a 2 week old kittens tummy. LUXURY at its finest. Like the best barbeque in the world followed by a bit of 40 year old johnny...
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    thin is best provided its slippery. marko here had a post long time ago and I used the main point of his methods.. create a lather that lets the blade go about the face, while allowing the cut off stubble to pass through the razors head. it works.