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  1. Omak

    1958 Gillette Adjustable Razor D1 - $500 (Cleveland)

    NOT MY CL POST, JUST POSTING IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED. I don't frequent the forums very much anymore, but thought some of you gents might be interested.
  2. Omak

    Who's from the Netherlands?

    I'll be in town 12/10-12/21, anyone want to meet up for dinner? I'm in town for work, but I'll probably have most of that Monday off (I land at 6am local time) and will spend some time in Amsterdam before heading south to Leerdam. I checked out the wiki and there are a couple shops I will try...
  3. Omak

    Captain's Choice Co9T + Osage Rub

    For a couple weeks now I've been using the above combo as a preferred aftershave splash. The menthol + the burn together are pretty interesting. The cooling lasts longer than the burn from the tails and leaves you smelling like the Co9T. Fun combo. I only had a sample of the osage rub and it...
  4. Omak

    Polishing a watch band

    Below is my watch I received for High School graduation 9 years ago now. It was my first nicer watch and has had some wear in the 9 years. I'd like to polish the band and make it look nicer again but wanted to check with you guys who might have more experience, Looks like a stainless steel...
  5. Omak

    First straight razor shave

    I won a GD straight over in this PIF (*try*-it-PIF-1) and gave it a shave last night. I haven't watched any videos or tried to do any learning, I just went at it. My Semogue 1520, GD...
  6. Omak

    There is NO picture. guess the number PIF

    B&B has been more than generous to me since I started here and it's time to give a lot back. Without the NE PIF thread I've been lost. So today at lunch I threw a lot of items in a box to pif. Left to come back to work and forgot to take a picture. So the idea behind this thread and PIF is...
  7. Omak

    NOS Culmak Prince

    Shown next to my Semogue 1520, whippeddog 18mm and whippeddog 20mm for comparison: Culmak Prince Bristle and Badger Made in England. It didn't have with it the piece of paper saying the date but still a brush in great condition. Best part of the trip is that I may have accidentally...
  8. Omak

    I just don't get it. Polishing

    Specifically plastic because that's all I've every tried to polish. I read Meguiars is good, Flitz is good, etc. I rub and rub for what seems forever or short periods of time and it just looks scratched up. Can the plastic polishes on their own make plastic shine? Using an electric drill and...
  9. Omak

    Help, I'm losing my hair

    Well B&B my hairline is receding (I've never had a good hairline since I was a child) and if I play with my hair at all (on the sides) there will be some hairs coming out. My Mother's Father (Grandfather) has hair around the sides and none on top. I've known forever this time would come and...
  10. Omak

    To shave myself or not to?

    So my wedding is 2 weeks from today and I can't decide whether to get a straight razor shave or do it myself DE style. On one hand I know I can get a pretty good shave on my own, on the other hand she's paying to get her hair and makeup done so I can get pampered a little too. So I bring the...
  11. Omak

    DE Razor balance

    With Above the Tie's upcoming razor release and my future trial of said razor it has me thinking. So far I've only been able to to try vintage Gillette razors which are fairly light. No aftermarket handles have been tried so I don't have much experience with weight distributions. Do you...
  12. Omak

    Bought a lot of brushes

    So I bought these with plans of restoring them, and came across a couple questions early in the process. 1) The Ever-ready 806 bottom looks to be filled with a plaster or something up to the middle. Did this brush have a different bottom that fell off some time? I can't find another of this...
  13. Omak

    1988 Supoer Adjustable just sold on the bay Date code I2, I didn't bid though at that price it was a steal. I was unaware that they were made into 88, but searched to verify when this came up on...
  14. Omak

    I bought a single ring right? Also, any info on the James razor? I have a habit of buying things on my phone, Damn mobile eBay.. teeth look straight
  15. Omak

    Shave mug with lid

    So I see various threads about making a lid for the old spice mugs and that looks good but I wonder if there are any off the shelf options available? I bought for my groomsmen a brush/cella/alum block to get them going and see if they like it (One of my groomsmen straight razor shaves and has...
  16. Omak

    Purchasing a vintage straight

    So I walked around my local antique mall today and saw a couple razors, but never having shaved with a straight I wouldn't purchase one. I've read the sticky and it doesn't give much of a "what to look for when purchasing" One razor, looked nice, it was $12 and the razor open and shut nice...
  17. Omak

    Another Corn Husrkers Lotion Thread

    So I got some CHL and added some Lime EO, but wanted to maybe make other scents too. One with coconut is what I'm thinking right now but more might be to follow. There is no Coconut EO, what I need is a fragrance oil, yes? Where would I get one of these? Is coconut oil scented? I came across...
  18. Omak

    Going to repair a cracked handle old type

    Going to use this method: How to repair a crack in an Old Type handle - Badger & Blade Would a hose clamp such as this work? or not enough pressure would be my concern or that it gets epoxied to the shaft.. Any comments?
  19. Omak


    I currently use alum and WH with aloe for my post shave products. I'd like to use an AS that smells good vs the WH. I've only smelled the grocery store AS splashes and they're just too strong smelling. I've tried some balms and don't tend to care for them, though I do like GFT skinfood...
  20. Omak

    Perfumania 25% off promo code

    Perfumania offers 25% off Sitewide + Free Samples with every order after entering 25% off Promo code JULY25 at checkout. Excludes clearance items. Save $10 off $50 or more with Promo code SAVE10. Shipping is free if you spend $50 or more, otherwise it's $5.95. saw the info over at slickdeals...