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  1. witeq

    My new artisan shave bowl.A gift from friend.

    Welcome, gentlemen!Today I got a package from a friend.Inside, I found a wonderful gift - two artisan shaving bowl.:001_smile One lower and wider, the second higher and lower.Both made by hand by an unknown artisan from one of the Polish cities.Bowl in the middle have ribbing, which makes it...
  2. witeq

    Anyone using the new Muhle blades?

    Hello!Anyone using the new Muhle blades?They are manufactured by Personna.In Poland, cost about 4$ per package of 10 blades.Do you have any comparisons and reviews about this?
  3. witeq

    My first brush with wooden handle

    Today came my first boar brush with a wooden handle.I already have one of Semogue boar brush with acrylic handle, which I really like.My choice fell on another brush of the same company.Custom stand for my new purchase was made by B & B member - archie67.Thanks buddy!
  4. witeq

    witeq's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Witek What are your nicknames/aliases? witeq Where do you live? Poland What is your age (or) generation? 1972 What are you in the real world? security guard What is your favorite shave setup? OC/CC razors,shavettes, and testing razor...
  5. witeq

    My first shave mug

    Hi all, This is my first shave mug.Usually I used a ceramic bowl borrowed from the kitchen.Now I have this mug.Hand made in Poland on the potter's wheel and decorated with enamel and hand-painted.I think its a small price 18 PLN about 6 USD. Dimension:height of about 2,36 inches and diameter of...
  6. witeq

    Hello from Poland

    Hello, everybody. I'm new member from Poland. After years when I used shave foam and razor like Mach 3 I back to traditional wet shaving last year.Now I have few de safety razors,one shavette, blades,brushes,soaps and creams. All this items used in rotation.
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