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  1. Smedley

    Discussion Thread for Soapscope Shaving Creams (Urban/Cool Dude)

    Review thread found here.
  2. Smedley

    GEM Under the Nose

    How do you get this rather large head under your nose to get the whiskers there? I don't think I can push enough nose out of the way to get the proper angle on the blade.
  3. Smedley

    "Fiber" Type Hairstyling Goo

    What is the best way to apply this? Apply to wet hair, blow dry, then shape? Apply to wet hair, shape, then blow dry? Blow dry hair, apply to dry hair, then shape? I like the idea of it and bought a small jar of "Alberto" product. American Crew sells something similar, I think. But I...
  4. Smedley

    J-Hooking on the Neck: Su-poib!

    I have issues with the grain on my neck, like 99% of the other guys out there. Today I went mad and decided to experiment with J-hooking. The results were great. I did overlapping J-hooks (clockwise and counterclockwise) on the problem areas, and the whiskers vanished! No irritation, and...
  5. Smedley

    1904 vs. Old vs New Gillette

    There was the old Gillette open comb style way back when. Then the "New" open comb style came out. I'm not sure what the difference is except the "Old" Gillette design shaves me better. Then there is the Merkur 1904, which has the same head geometry as the other Merkurs except for the...
  6. Smedley

    Top Notch Service from Vintage Blades

    I had a problem with a Slant I ordered. Merkur had slipped in their QC department, so once you took the top head off, you saw a horror show of bad chroming, like I used to see when I was building model cars and someone had fell asleep when they were chroming the plastic. Sent it back for a...
  7. Smedley

    Paying It Forward -- Canadian Style

    This is my way to say thanks to the community for all the advice and help. Because of customs and ridiculous cross-border shipping costs, I am only making this offer for newbies inside Canada. What you get: Some vintage Gillette, cleaned and sanitized (haven't decided yet which of my...
  8. Smedley

    Average Price of Proraso ASBs?

    What is an average (and decent uninflated) price for the white bottle of Proraso ASB? The local T&H is selling it for $28, which I know is pumped up by at least a factor of two.
  9. Smedley

    Canadian Knize 10 Source

    Anyone know a way to obtain this potent aroma of the gods here in Canada? Shipping from the States seems only possible by ground, but if anyone knows a place that offers ground shipping to Canada to placate our customs officials...
  10. Smedley

    Teach Me about Fountain Pens

    Curious about fountain pens and the options available to me. Any suggestions on good general knowledge sites to visit, as well as tips on what important options there are when buying a good quality one. Also, the important choice of ink -- something about the bottle appeals to me, but there are...
  11. Smedley

    Mama Bear Rosemary Mint Shampoo

    This all started with a PM to Mama Bear. I've had this low-level constant itchy and mildly flaky scalp for a year or so now. I used to use coal tar products back in the day, but I refused to go back to them. They stink and are really harsh, and I hate to think what else they are doing to me...
  12. Smedley

    Behold...The Ship

    My first safety razor. Yes, the price is $3.49. Who says you can't buy a cheap safety razor anymore? Out of the plastic. Ready for a blade. My favourite part of the whole razor. This enormous screw thread that does nothing. I keep imagining this was really from military...
  13. Smedley

    Why does USPS offer "Tracking"?

    Click on "Track and Ship"! This package has been indicated by the shipper to perhaps have been sent seven days ago. We will update with any news if we feel like it, but don't hold your breath. This service does not construe any promise real or implied to ship your package to you. Holy...
  14. Smedley

    A Week of Feathers

    My first shave with the dreaded Feather was in my Fat Boy. I do a 3/5/7 WTG/XTG/ATG system with it for my shaves, and I kept it the same for the Feather. I was a bit apprehensive, and the blade seemed a bit aggressive. Still, everything was going OK until I did a WTG over my Adam's Apple...
  15. Smedley

    Omega Brush at ye olde Drugstore

    I go to the local "super" drugstore (more like a grocery store and a health and beauty store with a pharmacy tacked on the back) and peruse the shave offerings on a regular basis. (Obsessed? Not me! :crazy: ) Today for the first time I saw a set of Omega brushes being offered for sale...
  16. Smedley

    A Week of Swedish Gillettes

    After my week with the Derbys (which are not a blade I am fond of, YMMV), it was time to move on to the Swedish Gillettes. Best shave ever. The combo of my Fat Boy on 3/5/7 (WTG/XTG/ATG) and one of these puppies gives me a BBS shave. But every razor I used them in (SuperSpeed and Pleese [a...
  17. Smedley

    How does Insured Mail work in the US?

    I am asking based on a recent exchange with an eBay seller. I was wondering why I paid $X for postage when the envelope said $X-6. She said insurance was part of the cost. I couldn't find any indication of an insurance sticker on the package. Does one get put on the package, or is it only for...
  18. Smedley

    A Week and a Half of Derbys

    Working my way through the sampler pack, we now come to the Derby. The blade people seem to either love or hate. This sucker is sharp, maybe not like the Swedish Gillette or the Feather, but sharper than anything else I've tried so far. So sharp on my face that I went back to the Kyle method...
  19. Smedley

    "Pleese" Three Piece

    I tried this out today with the Derby. I'm not a big fan of the three piece razors so far, but this one hit a sweet spot in terms of heft and balance. I could use very little pressure but could still get those hairs a-pinging off. Still have to be careful around the corners of my mouth, got...
  20. Smedley

    Vintage "Pure Badger" Not Pure Badger?

    I bought a "Pure Badger" Buffalo Brush off one of the forum members and had my first shave with it yesterday. Even out of the package, it didn't look anything like my other brushes. It looked so much like my old boar brush that I felt it. Nope -- much too smooth for boar. The shave with it...
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