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  1. dangerousdon

    Calling all Louisiana members

    Well...I haven't been here in a while (as you can tell) Guess I missed this one. But thanks @Davidkimberly for letting us know!
  2. dangerousdon

    Calling all Louisiana members

    Will do! Nice to see you guys here!
  3. dangerousdon

    Calling all Louisiana members

    It's been a while guys but I thought I would check in and see who else is still around!
  4. dangerousdon

    Aqua Velva scent doesn’t last

    Look at it this way...now you can use your favorite EdT, EdP, or Cologne!
  5. dangerousdon

    Look what you've made me do now

    Sure...WE made you do it...:001_tongu
  6. dangerousdon

    Period Space or Period Space Space

    Thanks Steve!
  7. dangerousdon

    Welcome, @Markw525

    Glad you fnound this little corner of the internet. Find a conversation and jump on in. Welcome to B&B!
  8. dangerousdon

    Welcome, @Chadjohneto

    Glad you found us here...there is a lot going on...so pull up a chair and join a conversation!
  9. dangerousdon

    Praise for The Sudsy Soapery

    Their soaps are definitely top notch. And their addition of tallow in their new Uplift improved upon a really good soap as it was. I own six of the soaps...but I likely won't buy anything more from them because of some marketing decisions they made. It's good stuff though!
  10. dangerousdon

    New Lisa's Natural Soap Base

    I got my Smoked Black Tea and and a sample of Doc Holiday in the mail yesterday. I will try it later this week...but I am interested to hear what others have to say!
  11. dangerousdon

    Small PIF

    A most generous PIF...way to give back. I will decline this one...but someone is in for a treat...that Declaration Grooming in the Icarus base is one great soap!
  12. dangerousdon

    Welcome, @Liam Birch

    Glad to have you here Liam! Welcome to B&B!
  13. dangerousdon

    Welcome, @Mathew

    Glad to have you here at B&B...jump in a conversation...a lot of really good stuff going on here.
  14. dangerousdon

    Welcome, @brad2008

    Welcome Brad! Pull up a chair and join in a conversation. A lot of really good discussions going on here!
  15. dangerousdon

    Looking for Lime scent

    I'm a little late to the party, but seriously...give Avon Island Lime a try. My absolute favorite lime aftershave. Pretty good longevity on it too especially for a lime aftershave!
  16. dangerousdon

    New Barbasol Pacific Rush

    Yeah...the Brisk doesn't excite me as much...but Pacific Rush...that's the stuff. I guess I need to make my 10 bottles or so that I have left last.:001_cool:
  17. dangerousdon

    Wholly Kaw Agrumi shipped!

    I'M STILL WAITING!!! But seriously...I think they originally said that orders would ship on or before July 24th. What gives?
  18. dangerousdon

    Sudsy Soapery Uplift (New tallow formula)

    I gave mine a whirl the other day... I knew that it was going to be good stuff. I really like the non-tallow versions, but have always wondered why they didn't add some kind of animal fat. Anyway...yup...the addition of tallow makes SS a top contender. I still think the likes of Wholly Kaw...
  19. dangerousdon

    Free Soap

    That is a very generous offer. I am a big fan of the stuff...it's one of those soaps though that you have to use it couple of times to dial it in. Don't just use it once and assume that it's not for you. One of the slickest soaps out there!
  20. dangerousdon

    A little Treasure Chest

    Very Nice!I would love to find something like that in the wild!
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