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  1. k2clones29

    Captain's Choice Nor'easter AS Review

    The Captain's newest scent is out just in time for summer. Captain's Choice Nor'easter is the Captain's mentholated aftershave splash option. Named after a weather phenomenon occurring in the north Atlantic off of the coast of New England, this splash promises a cool, refreshing experience. Does...
  2. k2clones29

    Unscented Aftershaves

    Today I used DRH Sandlewood AS, a scent I love but don't use often because of the cost. It had been awhile since I last used it. This did not agree with SWMBO. She ended up getting a headache, and I had to take another shower to get the scent off of me. She asked me to get some unscented AS. I...
  3. k2clones29

    Kentucky Colonel Roll Call

    I recently received a commission as a Kentucky Colonel! I was lucky enough to be nominated by a friend who holds a commission and it was accepted by the Governor. I'm interested in hearing from other Colonels. What do you do with your commission? How did you get you commission? What advice to...
  4. k2clones29

    Brush Repair Help

    While showing my 5-year-old my shaving gear, this happened: The good thing is the break was clean. The bad thing is I have to fix a brush now. Any advice? Can I do it myself with a strong adhesive? Or should I send it out for repair (and where do I send it)?
  5. k2clones29

    Spicy Bay Rum

    I love DRH Bay Rum AS. It is spicy, clovey and complex. They do not have a bay rum soap. Alas, my search for a bay rum soap similar to the scent profile of DRH has been futile. Does anyone have a recommendation for a spicy bay rum similar to DRH?
  6. k2clones29

    I'm Down To One Setup

    Spring is here. Time for me to start shaving again. Since the last time I shaved, a few things have changed. My old cabinet is gone as it had seen better days, and my gear is in boxes. I have no place to put my gear right now. I have enough space for one soap! I therefore had to pick one soap...
  7. k2clones29

    Aprilington is Back!

    April is less than a week away, and with the warming weather and change in season comes the annual celebration of Aprilington! Rules are simple: spend the month of April with D.R.Harris Arlington as your primary soap. You don't need to use it every day (although I have done this in the past...
  8. k2clones29

    Bicycles: First Time Buyer

  9. k2clones29

    Bicycles: First Time Buyer

    Hi everyone, It has been a while since I posted, and unfortunately I cannot get into it at this time. All I can say my absence is it is health-related and it is going to be a long road. I wish I could have read/contributed to the posts during the past 2 months, but my health issues were...
  10. k2clones29

    Road Cycling

    I'm getting into road cycling now and am looking for some sources to learn more. I quickly found that the forums around are not as cordial as this one to newbies :thumbdown Any advice on where to start??? As for my bike, I've been looking around and trying to stay within budget (not the...
  11. k2clones29

    Mystic Waters Lather Tutorial

    Over the past few months, I have read some posts where members say that Mystic Waters is a difficult soap to lather. I'm hoping to dispel that opinion, because MW is really not difficult to lather. I will admit, it is a touchy soap to lather with very little forgiveness, but when you know how...
  12. k2clones29

    Bullgoose Shipping

    I'm beating a dead horse here when I state that Phil's shipping at Bullgoose is incredible, but I have to share this story. I heard Klar Kabinett was being discontinued, so I placed an order for two on Friday, and picked up a few other goodies on the side. Made sure I got the free shipping and...
  13. k2clones29

    Making My Own Bay Rum

    After finding several DIY posts, decided to make my own bay rum. I used the recipe posted on art of manliness with a twist. for those who haven't seen it, the recipe: 2 bay leaves 4 ounces vodka 2 tablespoons Caribbean rum 1/4 teaspoon allspice Zest of an orange 1 cinnamon stick cut into...
  14. k2clones29

    Mattress Options for Hiking/Camping

    Picked up the hiking and camping bug last gear and loving it. Up until now, we have been using a house air mattress. While comfortable, it isn't portable and requires electricity to inflate (which isn't always available). I think I need to get a mattress pad, but they seem expensive. Any...
  15. k2clones29

    I Have a Coconut! Now What?

    The inner-child in me said I had to buy a coconut at the store. Now I have one and don't know what to do with it! Do I eat it raw? Are there any good recipes? What about the water inside? Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
  16. k2clones29

    Hate to admit this, but.

    I got a BBS with a Gillette Fusion today :blushing: I had some old cartridges laying around from my pre-DE days. My stuff is packed for a vacation and I needed something to shave with. I picked it up and used it, and I got an effortless BBS. Honestly, it was one of the closest shaves of my...
  17. k2clones29

    White Party

    I got invited to a White Party as a part of a wedding weekend. Obviously know the dress attire, but I need idea/suggestions. I'm also looking to do it on. budget as I don't wear white a whole lot (other than a dress shirt for work).
  18. k2clones29

    Captain's Choice Cat O' Nine Tails Review

    For interest of full disclosure: I love Captain's Choice Bay Rum. It is top notch. Personally, I like a spicy/clove smelling bay rum, so I didn't think I would like Captain's Choice once I smelled it. Boy was I wrong! If you are a bay rum lover, this is a must-have in the den. When I saw...
  19. k2clones29

    The Dive Bar Jukebox

    When I was in law school, I had a friend who would pump $20 into an old jukebox and play the same song over and over again. It didn't have the technology to prevent that from happening, and it wouldn't bump a song up to the front of the line for an extra quarter. He got enjoyment out of this...
  20. k2clones29

    Aprilington Is Back!

    A month of Arlington (or, for my mates in the Southern hemisphere, Marlborough, to offset the Arlington use during Marlboroughvember). Who's in with me???
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