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  1. Newfie

    Anyone Else Fly Fish?

    I just took up fly fishing a few weeks ago, after fishing with spinning gear since I was old enough to hold a rod. I fish primarily in a small pond close to my home that (as you can see below) has a good selection and variety of pan size and bigger. My first rod is a Streamside Elite 5 wt...
  2. Newfie

    Tonight's Supper

    Just thought I'd share tonight's meal. Every 2nd Wednesday SWMBO works late and I take the opportunity to cook something for myself she won't eat. It might be Fettuccine Alfredo, might be linguine and pesto with pan seared scallops, or maybe Cod Tongues and Cheeks, even Sheppard's Pie with real...
  3. Newfie

    Aceto Balsamico Marinated Pork Tenderloin

    500 g pork tenderloin 6 cloves garlic, sliced 100 ml aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar) mustard to taste (I use ~ 1/4 cup whole grain) salt ground black pepper oil Cut meat into 1" thick medallions. Flatten each with a meat hammer just a little on one side. Rub with salt and pepper and...
  4. Newfie

    Read This Without Laughing - I Dare Ya

    I Double-Dog Dare ya!!!!!! A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra...
  5. Newfie


    OK, I'm getting fascinated by this tea thing. {{Like I need another AD}} I've spent lots of time browsing the WIKI and listened to, read lots about, and watched videos on Gaiwans & Yixings, the need for knives and different cups, etc. First and foremost, I like bold strong flavours. I like...
  6. Newfie

    Economic Benefits Of Home Roasting

    Here's an interesting read for those of you into home roasting, or considering it: ~CLICKY ME~
  7. Newfie

    Long Distance Driving - What Do You Listen To?

    I imagine some have iPods, cases of CDs, Satellite Radio to occupy their time while driving, but what's your preference on the long haul? Country music? News / Talk Radio? Today, I drove over 6 hours (away from home for work all week), and the CDs I played included: Black Sabbath - The Ozzy...
  8. Newfie

    LeLit PL53 Review - Or "A Tale Of Two Grinders"

    I promised to post this weekend past, but as it was a long weekend with at least a day of nice weather and some work commitments, it had to be delayed. After searching for quite a while for a better grinder to replace my MDF, and being hesitant to pay Canadian prices for a Mazzer or comparable...
  9. Newfie

    Generosity, And A New Pen

    Today I met up with another local member of B&B (again) and shared thoughts of shaving, and what-not. He presented me with my very first fountain pen, a jar of Parker ink and a small note pad made by Rhodia. I've never really used one before, and he took the time to explain the workings...
  10. Newfie

    First Shave With An Open-Comb Was.......

    A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!:w00t::thumbup: I've read lots about them, and loving the aggressive shave of the Slant, I wanted to try one. I got a Goodwill (1931 from what I can tell) from JJMontague here (thanks again) and couldn't wait to use it. I like the "2nd day shave" I get from the Slant, so...
  11. Newfie

    False Advertising - Maybe

    I saw this in posted in an on-line shop, not saying which one or where the shop is located, but I do question this statement: Anyone think that's a bit much???
  12. Newfie

    Boneless Pork Loin - Roast or Chops

    This is, in my opinion, the best deal in meat out there. However, I don't read much about it here or anywhere. Yesterday I bought 2 loins, ~ 16 lbs, for less than $38. I came home and cut off 2 nice ~ 4 lb roasts and the rest into 26 ~ 1" thick chops. I'm looking forward to Saturday when...
  13. Newfie

    Williams Mug Soap Grating Test (Pic heavy)

    OK, we've all seen so much about this soap and how it's basically a "love / hate" relationship. Because I've found grating and pressing into a bowl somehow changes the "lathering" characteristics, specifically, how the brush picks up the soap, I thought I'd give it a try. Note, I haven't used...
  14. Newfie

    AOS Sandalwood Cream

    I opened this up this morning, and don't remember how long it's been since I used it. Obviously a long time because it was dried out to the point where it is almost as hard as a soap. So just for S&Gs I tried it and was very pleasantly surprised. This worked so good I don't think I'll...
  15. Newfie

    Williams Mug Soap Question

    Can that stuff be melted, reformed, grated, etc, for storage and use in a container?
  16. Newfie

    If you could be a music star for one night on stage.....

    Who would it be and why??? While I'm not a fan of country music, to be Garth Brooks would be cool. Every live video I've seen of him, he just seems to be enjoying it so much. Some of his songs (Thunder Rolls, Friends In Low Places) are great. However, back to a genre of music I love, it...
  17. Newfie

    "Disposable" Blade Straights

    I think I've created a monster. I gave my uncle a starter kit a while ago and he's hooked on it. He's not a collector and is happy (for now:tongue_sm) with a DE razor, a brush and a couple of creams (blasphemer I call him). However, he's now very interested in trying a straight, and I...
  18. Newfie

    Vote for your favourite blade

    There are dozens of threads here with various comments and pieces of information all jumbled throughout, and for anyone from Newbies to FOGs alike, it's nearly impossible to keep up with the number of people whi like what and for what reasons. I thought it would be nice to have a poll to see...
  19. Newfie

    Coffee Roasting Question

    I use a Behmor 1600, the settings won't apply to the roaster you use if you have another roaster, but maybe the absence of 1st crack is something you've seen. My normal roast had these settings: 1 lb / P2 / C + 0.00 with a charge of 270 - 300 gms, depending on ambient in the garage and...
  20. Newfie

    Linguine with Marinated Portobello Mushrooms

    Slice 3-4 mushrooms (depending on size) Marinate these for 4 hours in a mixture of: 8 Tbs Balsamic Vinegar 6 coarsely chopped garlic cloves (more to taste) Cook 1 lb pack of linguine (fettuccine works too) and toss in 4 tbs ex virgin olive oil. Top with mushrooms, and fresh basil...
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