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  1. nortac

    Might have to build one of these someday.

    EPC - Enhanced Pistol Caliber | Aero Precision (aeroprecisionusa.com) Initially available in 9mm/.40 S&W, eventually in .45 ACP/10mm. Glock mag compatable.
  2. nortac

    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    The Godfather of conservative talk radio has signed off. He will be greatly missed.
  3. nortac

    Scope Adjustment Preferences, Mils vs. MOA

    So what's your preference for scope adjustments, reticles and ranging? We're all familiar with 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustment on most basic hunting scopes. More complex reticles are available with either Mils or MOA markings for hold overs, leads etc. Some scopes will have a mil...
  4. nortac

    Your choice for a walking/light trail shoe.

    What's your recommendation for a walking/light trail shoe? Notice I didn't say "boot". For years I've worn variations of the New Balance 900 series, but the last few pair have suffered premature sole separations and I'm tired of gluing them back on. Not wanting an aggressive lug sole, tracks too...
  5. nortac

    How has Covid affected your pipe smoking habits?

    How has the pandemic affected your pipe smoking, if at all? For me, as an occasional pipe smoker, the cool/cold weather is usually my prime smoking time of the year. But I seem to be doing less of it this year. I have a chronic tickle in the back of my throat and have had since way before the...
  6. nortac

    URGENT, Pending ATF determination changes Regarding "Arm Braces"

    There is a VERY short window of opportunity to provide feedback on ATF proposed policy changes towards AR Pistol arm braces. Federal Register :: Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”
  7. nortac

    Who uses a Shot Timer?

    Who uses as shot timer and which one? Waaay back in the day I had a PACT chrono that had a built in shot timer. Too bulky and rarely got used. Even though I'm not doing any serious competition, I'm considering getting a shot timer. There are a lot of options these days. The PACT Club iii seems...
  8. nortac

    Trying out some new reloading accessories.

    Decided to try out wet tumbling on the cheap and picked up a Harbor Freight rock tumbler. SS pins from MidwayUSA and some Lemon-Shine from Amazon. The model I bought has two tumbler canisters that are rated for three pound loads each. I put 112 pieces of .300 BO range pickup brass in one and 56...
  9. nortac

    Tin Foil Hat Time

    Do you use an RFID/Faraday case for your cell phone and why?
  10. nortac

    What's Your Pick for .22LR Accuracy Ammo?

    If you are into any .22 rimfire accuracy shooting, what is your (and your gun's) preferred .22 fodder? I find subsonic/standard velocity rounds the most accurate in general. My 10/22 with a KIDD barrel seems to like CCI standard velocity, CCI subsonic, WW subsonic HP (not currently available...
  11. nortac

    Threaded replacement Glock 19 barrels

    I've been eying a Lone Wolf Alphawolf G19 barrel. Mainly so that I can shoot lead reloads, but I also would like the option of suppressor use someday? Anyone have experience with these or other brands? My G19 is a Gen3, (I think). Anything to look out for?
  12. nortac

    6.5 Grendel vs. .224 Valkyrie for long range precision AR build.

    Does anyone have any experience with both cartridges and if so, which would you choose for a precisions AR 15 build and why? Benefits of one vs. the other?
  13. nortac

    Betcha can't build just one (AR).

    After assembling my .300 Blackout AR pistol a few months ago, I've got a hankering to build another AR. I don't have a light weight flatop AR carbine in .223/5.56, so I've started the process of acquiring all the goodies. Unfortunately, current events has most things back-ordered or not...
  14. nortac

    Recomend a gunsmith specializing in Colt SAA

    Sister-in-law's boss has an old Colt SAA in rough shape, a family heirloom. I have not seen the gun except in a cell phone text. I don't know the serial number or generation. Looks like a 5 1/2 in. barrel, little finish, pitted and worn Black hard rubber grips with the prancing pony but no...
  15. nortac

    Replacement Grips for SP101

    Not looking for more “purdy “ grips but some that are a bit larger, so as to fill the hand better and give the proper trigger reach. Anyone have “oversized “ grips for their SP101?
  16. nortac

    Leather holster recomendations for Ruger SP101 with 4.2 in. barrel.

    Looking for a leather holster for an SP101 with a 4.2 inch barrel. This will be a general purpose "field" holster, not one for CCW. Ruger offers a Ruger branded one in their accessories line, but seems to be always sold out. Any suggestions. Would like to keep it around $100 or less. Hopefully...
  17. nortac

    Cracked bowl on Rattray's "2000yr." Bog Oak (Morta) Pipe

    I purchased a nice Rattray's pipe from Smokingpipes.com last July. It has been smoked maybe a dozen times and has not been abused in any fashion. I emailed SP right before I made this post, so of course have yet to receive a reply. It has developed hairline cracks on both sides of the bowl and...
  18. nortac

    Interview with Tom Givens

    A long read but worth it: https://rangemaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Givens_Willingness_v2.pdf
  19. nortac

    Anyone use a cordless electric lawn mower?

    Entertaining the idea of getting a battery operated mower for trimming around the house and tight places my big riding mower can't get into, rather than getting another gas push mower. Reading reviews on Amazon doesn't have me too excited on durability and performance. Does anyone have one that...
  20. nortac

    Alternative Pizza Crusts

    So we tried an almond flour pizza crust. Not impressed. Didn't taste bad, just didn't taste like pizza dough. Also pretty crumbly, not like wheat dough, not resilient and stretchy. Real pizza dough you have to tear or pull apart. So what have you tried and what were the results?
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