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  1. jakespoppy

    Need Help - Nib Choice for Non-Cursive (Printing) Writers?

    I'm getting ready to order my next B&B Essential Pen here: Essential Pen Part II I want to choose the "right" nib, especially since we have the awesome opportunity to select a custom nib at the same price (thank guys!!!) and am wondering, am I the only person who uses fountain pens that...
  2. jakespoppy

    Bleu de Chanel - An Epiphany!

    I sampled Bleu de Chanel last year, wore it again a couple of times last week, and finally had an epiphany. This is not a fresh, aquatic scent!! I'm sure everyone else already had that figured out, but this one had me puzzled, as I apparently expected it to be something it isn't. It occurred...
  3. jakespoppy

    Aramis Havana or Czech & Speake Cuba?

    We haven't talked about these two in a while, and I'm curious what the thinking is of those of you in the frag forum now as to Aramis Havana (current version) and Czech & Speake Cuba - likes or dislikes, preferences, etc. I realize some of you don't like either one. I'm more curious as to...
  4. jakespoppy

    Katie Puckrick reports from The Scent Bar

    I'm trusting Katie won't mind me posting another of her excellent video fragrance reviews here so soon after the last one. Since we are always talking about The Scent Bar in LA, and since only StylinLA and a few others have actually been there, I thought you might enjoy, as I did, seeing Katie's...
  5. jakespoppy

    Buy Used Shoes/Boots - Yes or No?

    I see used shoes and boots for sale on eBay, and I know of at least one store here in Houston that sells used cowboy boots. I don't recall reading much about this here, but I've seen other places online where the opinions seem to be mixed. Some say nay, used shoes have conformed their fit to...
  6. jakespoppy

    Katie Puckrick's Sartorial Review

    I posted this video already, but didn't want it to get lost on page two of the Sartorial discussion in THIS THREAD . Watching a rock star fumie like Katie review a Penhaligon's classic barbershop style scent is worth watching twice! :thumbup1:
  7. jakespoppy

    I understand incense a little better now

    I attended the funeral of a former co-worker and friend this morning, who passed away at 63 as cancer took another good person far too early. I've commented in the past that the church I grew up in didn't use incense, and so I don't have the memory recognition that many of you who love...
  8. jakespoppy

    Frederick Malle and Le Labo frags now available in-store in Houston

    I posted this in the city shopping guide thread, but wanted to make sure folks here are aware that Saks 5th Avenue in the Houston Galleria now carries the full line of both the Frederick Malle and the Le Labo fragrances. Frederick Malle visits locations personally to determine if he wants to...
  9. jakespoppy

    Serge Lutens Un Bois Sepia

    "Brown woods"? This Serge Lutens frag surprised me, and NOT in a good way. I was surprised with the strong violet note (which I don't care for) and the rather pedestrian nature of this frag. None of Serge's typical Moroccan spices and rich oriental goodness. The woods do come through along...
  10. jakespoppy

    L'Instant de Guerlain vs L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme

    I've worn these before, but this week I wore L'Instant de Guerlain (EdT) one day, and L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme (EdP) the next day. Mrs. Jakespoppy commented that she wasn't sure she liked LIDG the first day, as it seemed a little too "pungent", but the next day she said she liked LIDGE. I...
  11. jakespoppy

    Allen Edmonds Boardroom (Park Avenue?) at Jos A Bank

    Jos A Bank had 25% off everything online this past weekend. I noticed they carry several Allen Edmonds shoes, including one called Boardroom, which the one reviewer on their site says is "the same pattern as the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue but crafted on the #7 last. The fit works much better for...
  12. jakespoppy

    A*Men Pure Shot

    From "others": A*Men Pure Shot is Thierry Mugler's new 2012 Limited edition scent from its A Men Collection, which includes the original A Men from 1996, A Men Pure Coffee from 2008, A Men Pure Malt from 2009 and A Men Pure Havane from 2011. The inspiration for Pure Shot comes from famous...
  13. jakespoppy

    Fragrance Split - Idole de Lubin - in the Vendors Forum

    Archerfire, one of our vendors, has kicked off another fragrance split, this time for Lubin Idole de Lubin EdP. Again, although he is following the same format as for a Group Buy, because he is a vendor, he is posting this in the Vendor Forum at the thread below: Group Buy/Split: Idole de Lubin...
  14. jakespoppy

    Fragrance Split - Parfumerie Generale Coze - In Vendor Forum

    Archerfire, one of our vendors, has kicked of a fragrance split for Parfumerie Generale Coze 02. Although he is following the same format as for a Group Buy, because he is a vendor, he is posting this in the Vendor Forum at the thread below...
  15. jakespoppy

    Should I Buy a Sony NEX-5N?

    Actually, my wife is considering buying this camera, so I thought I'd ask here if you folks think this would be a good purchase for us. As background, we currently have a Sony Alpha 700 DSLR with an 18-200mm zoom lens that takes, in our opinion, beautiful pictures. We are not photography...
  16. jakespoppy

    New Fragrance Releases

    Let's use this thread to post about new fragrances that have either just been released, or are soon to be released. With so many fragrances coming into the market today, it's hard to keep up. I'll start with a couple of fragrances soon to be released from the French house By Kilian, Amber Oud...
  17. jakespoppy

    Perfumania Sale - Aramis Havana 3.4oz for $22.49

    Perfumania has a number of fragrances on clearance through the end of January. Many are frags we discuss here, like Halston 1-12 and Halston Z-14, but I think the most interesting is Aramis Havana, which is the lowest price I've seen anywhere at $22.49 for a 3.4oz bottle...
  18. jakespoppy

    Help Me Find a Watch, Please

    I'd like to find a watch that looks similar to the Orient Union shown below, only I would prefer a "cleaner" look without the day and date function. I'd prefer automatic but quartz would be okay. A larger size would be better, as I have a large 8 3/4" wrist. I'd like to keep it under $300. I...
  19. jakespoppy

    Christian Dior Jules

    Each morning as I get ready to go to the gym with my wife, I usually put one spray on the back of my hand of some fragrance that I want to test for the couple of hours I have until I get home and shower. And before you all get excited and start calling me ugly names, like "the gym cologne guy"...
  20. jakespoppy

    Beating the "Cool Water vs Green Irish Tweed" dead horse

    I know this is beating a dead horse, and I apologize up front, but after wearing Green Irish Tweed yesterday and enjoying it more than I remembered, it caused me to wonder again about the similarity with Cool Water. I know there are hundreds of comments on record that the two are virtually the...
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