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  1. dangerousdon

    Thought I got something good...but wondering if it is a lemon

    My wife and I celebrated our seventh anniversary yesterday and I was resolved to get her a pen. A couple years ago I got here a fountain pen to see if she would use it. I think it was a Monteverde...nothing super great...but nice looking. Anyway...she loved the way it looked...but just never...
  2. dangerousdon

    Swift Draw Holsters

    I was given an in the waist concealment holster for my birthday last month from Swift Draw Holsters. I am still testing this guy out...but so far (and even not broken in) this is the most comfortable ITW holster I have tried yet. I haven't shot with it extensively yet, just a few rounds so...
  3. dangerousdon

    The Ketogenic Get Healthy Thread

    I'm getting ready to get out the door, but I wanted to post this now. I will post more later also. I have decided to do a Ketogenic Diet for at least three months. For those of you who don't know what a Ketogenic Diet is, it's basically a diet where your daily macro nutrients are as follows...
  4. dangerousdon

    What's your Ketogenic Plate of the Day? Or just post a great recipe!

    I am just a few days away from starting my Ketogenic Diet. I have found that there are more here at Badger & Blade that follow this diet/lifestyle than I thought. Since I am just starting out on this, I could use all the help I can get for meals and snacks. This is a thread dedicated to...
  5. dangerousdon

    Ketogenic Diet?

    I have been reading a bit about this lately and am considering giving this a go. Like anything I do related to extreme dietary changes, I will (and have to some extent) discuss this with my doctor. But I want to hear what the wise members of the B&B Mess Hall have to say also. Like a growing...
  6. dangerousdon

    It's a little late...but who is making a Fruit Cake!

    Like I said...time is running short to get one done by Christmas, but if you get going on it this weekend...you will have it in just the nick of time to enjoy with kith and kin. I plan on getting what I need tomorrow and Saturday doing the baking. I have seen a couple of recipes that I...
  7. dangerousdon

    INFO! Thank You Badger & Blade! From the NBCF

    Last month, Badger & Blade held it's 7th Annual Saint Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. First and foremost...it was a success! A lot of fun was had, a lot of gear was purchased, a lot of good was done. A big thank you goes to the members that...
  8. dangerousdon

    Weaponizing Mosquitoes?

    I am pretty sure I saw this movie and if I remember correctly, it ended with all but 10% of the world's population not surviving. The EPA has approved the release of weaponized mosquitoes in 20 US states
  9. dangerousdon

    Only a Few Days Growing a Beard and I miss Shaving

    Yup, like the title says...I am only a few days into growing a beard for Nov/Dec and I already miss shaving. The various scents I conjure everyday while shaving is fading from my memory. Will I ever know again those intoxicating scents that once were swirled onto my face? Will I ever feel...
  10. dangerousdon

    Name the Date I Hit 10,000 Posts - No more Entries

    Well my 9,000th post came and went. I never thought in a million years that I would devote the time I do on a website that discusses the finer aspects of shaving. But I really enjoy the camaraderie and the intelligent discussion that goes on around here. Well, okay...intelligent discussion some...
  11. dangerousdon

    Vitos Colonia Tabacco - Where to buy in the US or Adequate Alternative

    Like the title says...looking for a place in the US to purchase Vitos Colonia Tobacco or an adequate alternative. I am looking to make some Bootlegger's Series Aftershaves and I might need to find a substitute. I know TVB Shaving has it. But I'm not willing to pay the $50 - $100 for shipping...
  12. dangerousdon

    Sir Irisch Moos...now I know what all the fuss is about!

    Received a bottle of Sir Irisch Moos aftershave in my Saint Sue auction lot. I splashed it on this morning and I loved the scent. It's a pretty typical aftershave splash feel from an alcohol based aftershave. But the scent is something wonderful. A little sweet, a little citrusy, a little...
  13. dangerousdon

    Old Spice Pure Sport...gotta say...not a fan.

    I saw this the other day at the local chain drug store, and hadn't seen it in the old brick and mortar yet. So I grabbed it up. Splashed some on today, and I have to say...it doesn't really do much for me. In fact, I don't think it does much at all. One of the things that I love about...
  14. dangerousdon

    Y. A. Tittle Rest in Peace

    I'm too young to remember his playing days, but he is a legend here at LSU and around Louisiana, for his playing days and his daily actions in life.
  15. dangerousdon

    Anyone else here make PB&J Sandwiches out of Toaster Waffles?

    Well...do ya? Punk? Okay, "punk"retracted. Just channeling my inner Dirty Harry.
  16. dangerousdon

    Reusing Aftershave Bottles

    I have some empty aftershave bottles that I want to reuse. They are the flask like bottles that Fine Accoutrements used to use and that many other aftershave brands still use. They did, in fact have Fine aftershave in them (American Blend and Santal Absolute). I have pulled the stopper out...
  17. dangerousdon


    I just wanted to say that I used the podcasts to catch up on B&B Radio and they were so convenient! Sad to say, I fell behind listening to B&B Radio...I had to catch up on the last four episodes. I usually watch/listen to BaBR on the YouTube channel, but I was going to be in a car by myself...
  18. dangerousdon

    Is it too early for Halloween Decorations? Naw!

    Halloween? It's not even October yet? And still, I see Christmas stuff in the stores already. While I usually don't promote putting up decorations until it is the appropriate period, I make the exception for Halloween. My wife loves Halloween! It is probably one of the only...
  19. dangerousdon

    1972 Gillette Prison/Psycho Tech

    Just had to post my excitement as I have a acquired a razor that I have been interested in for a while now. The other day I was able to acquire a 1972 (S3) Gillette Prison/Psycho Tech that I believe is new old stock (if not it certainly has never been used or only once or twice). But the best...
  20. dangerousdon

    Sue Moore Auction Teaser

    I know the Modern Shaving Systems Forum gets forgotten about sometimes. But I just wanted to let you all know that even the Sue Moore Auction has a place for Modern Shaving Systems. Take a look at the AR-15 style cartridge razor pictured below. This will be up for bidding as soon as the...
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