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  1. jakespoppy

    Vintage? Really?

    I like using pens that are older than I am. But each year they get harder to find!
  2. jakespoppy

    What is your most commonly used pen?

    I carry a Parker 51 with Noodlers Navy and/or a Pelikan M200 with Aurora Black everywhere, and keep a couple of Lamy Vistas on my desk with Private Reserve Blue Suede and Private Reserve Arabian Rose that I use on a regular basis.
  3. jakespoppy

    My humble, what budget, pen collection

    Nice start! I picked up a Pilot Metro recently and have really enjoyed how smoothly it writes. Has a very nice feel to it. I texted my daughter a picture of it, and she immediately texted back and said she had one on order!
  4. jakespoppy

    Help Me Choose

    I don't have any monk straps, and would consider myself to not be a monk strap guy, but for some reason that Chalfont really appeals to me. I like the walnut color, and it looks like it would develop a really nice patina. But it's more than the color, I also like the slightly squared toe, and...
  5. jakespoppy

    What do you guys think about YSL M7?

    I like both M7 vintage and the newer, reformulated version. I find them very similar, although the vintage is noticeably stronger and, yes, harsher is probably accurate. The reformulated version gets dissed a lot, but it's still one I enjoy wearing and I've gotten unsolicited compliments on it...
  6. jakespoppy

    Best places for large men to purchase clothing

    Dillard's is a department store in our area that has a pretty good Big & Tall section. Doesn't look like there is one near you, but they do have online shopping. Nordstrom is another. As you've said, it's hard to find Big & Tall sizes, much less at prices that aren't higher than "regular"...
  7. jakespoppy

    Bills Khakis M1 vs M2

    I had a similar experience with the M1, including giving them to charity. I thought they would be perfect for me, because I wanted a more relaxed fit through both the seat and the legs. I found the rise was so high they didn't ride where they would feel most comfortable, at my natural waist...
  8. jakespoppy

    Ask the "Style Doc" . when I'm wearing Navy, does "khaki" rhyme with "tacky"

    That actually works on ALL the pics! :001_cool:
  9. jakespoppy

    Ask the "Style Doc" . when I'm wearing Navy, does "khaki" rhyme with "tacky"

    This is an interesting topic, and the pictures that Ian has posted are very helpful to convey the different "looks" that we can consider in this specific area of style. I have to be careful with style in general, as I have a tendency to look at style with my personal biases as a basis for...
  10. jakespoppy

    Lamy Safari Sale!

    That Safari with an F nib is a very nice pen, starter or not. I avoided it for a while because I wasn't enamored with the industrial look, but it's very comfortable to write with, and does a nice job. I'd recommend getting the converter to go with it.
  11. jakespoppy

    Fragrance Samples From Surrender to Chance

    I agree with these comments. Our B&B Vendors, Garry (gaj90027) and Randy (Archerfire), have much better prices, but for frags they don't carry, STC is a good alternative.
  12. jakespoppy

    Bleu de Chanel - An Epiphany!

    Not surprised you don't care for it Tim, although I'm a little surprised you disliked it so much to make it a scrubber. If anything, I would have expected you might be a little bored with it.
  13. jakespoppy

    CREED Orginal Vetiver Group Buy -- SOLD OUT!

    We've had so many discussions recently about Original Vetiver, including a number of questions, like "does it smell like other vetivers?", "is it as good as everyone says?", "is it a fresh scent?". I'm really glad to see this group buy, so that many can finally get a "taste" of Creed Original...
  14. jakespoppy

    Knize Ten Group Buy Round 2

    Note that Knize Ten was one of two fragrances of the month last year in February. A number of folks missed out on that and have asked for another opportunity to pick up a decant, which is one of the reasons this is being offered here as a group buy. I've enjoyed the Spotlight Fragrances of the...
  15. jakespoppy


    I love PS. Great vanilla scent, long lasting and relatively inexpensive to boot!
  16. jakespoppy

    Need Help - Nib Choice for Non-Cursive (Printing) Writers?

    Thank you very much, guys. I ordered the medium stub today, and am really looking forward to trying it out.
  17. jakespoppy

    Essential Pen Part II

    Just ordered a Medium Stub, and am very excited to lay some ink with it! Thanks guys! :thumbup1:
  18. jakespoppy

    Need Help - Nib Choice for Non-Cursive (Printing) Writers?

    I occasionally use a pencil, and generally prefer a broader point rather than a very sharp point, unless I have a specific need for a very fine line. I would be satisfied without a lot of line variation. I'd rather have a lesser amount of line variation and retain the same amount of...
  19. jakespoppy

    Century Pens Chicago IL

    It's only about 6 blocks from the Merz store on East Monroe, just east of State Street. That Merz store is pretty well stocked with shaving supplies and frags, although it's not quite as big as their main store in Lincoln Square, which is 9 or 10 miles north.
  20. jakespoppy

    Need Help - Nib Choice for Non-Cursive (Printing) Writers?

    I'm getting ready to order my next B&B Essential Pen here: Essential Pen Part II I want to choose the "right" nib, especially since we have the awesome opportunity to select a custom nib at the same price (thank guys!!!) and am wondering, am I the only person who uses fountain pens that...
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