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  1. SmoovD

    Butch Trucks R.I.P.

    Just read that one of the original members of The Allman Brothers Band has passed. Sad news. For all the glory the various ABB guitarists received (and deservedly so), it was the rhythm section that defined the sound of the band. Rest easy, Butch.
  2. SmoovD

    Dallas Pen Show 2016

    The fall pen show is coming soon. Mark your calendars for September 23 & 24 so you don't miss this event. It has also allowed for us a chance to get together Saturday morning before the show to shake some hands and eat some breakfast. Start the day off right. Post if plan to attend the show...
  3. SmoovD

    Sandy Pearlman RIP

    Just read of Sandy Pearlman's passing. He was influential in the rise of the early hard rock/heavy metal in the 70s and was one of the leaders, though not an official member, Blue Oyster Cult. One of my favorite bands from my youth through today. Their first half dozen or so albums still get...
  4. SmoovD

    R.I.P. Phil Taylor

    The drummer from Motorhead's early album classics passed away yesterday. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/13/arts/music/phil-taylor-motorhead-dies-at-61.html?_r=0 Thanks for all the great memories, Philthy Animal. Rest easy and try to keep the light away from Lemmy for a bit more, with you.
  5. SmoovD

    Platinum Century 3776 on sale at Amazon

    Was browsing Amazon and saw that they have some great deals on Platinum Century 3776 fountain pens. The sales are on the Black, Chartres Blue and Bourgogne of various nibs sizes. I saw EF to Medium in my brief search. The prices, many within Prime, are from the mid-$60s to the mid-$80s. If you...
  6. SmoovD

    Great Deal from ANOVA Culinary!

    http://www.amazon.com/Anova-Sous-Vide-Immersion-Circulator/dp/B00UET2UI2/ref=lh_ni_t?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1T2U48SM18DDH&tag=viglink24008-20 Insane deal on ANOVA ONE sous vide immersion circulator. Enter "anovaone" in coupon box for $100 off.
  7. SmoovD

    2014 Auction Experience

    This year's auction is in the books. Thank you to all the vendors and people who donated. Thank you to all Auction Team for putting together another great event. And thank you to all the members of B&B who supported this worthy cause. The generosity of members of this board continually amazes...
  8. SmoovD

    Today is the day!

    Be on the lookout for this year's auction......soon. Very soon.
  9. SmoovD

    Two weeks, three pens, one ink

    So I made the trip back to DC last weekend. In my haste to get out the door I made a huge mistake...only one ink bottle made the trip. Here I sit with three pens inked with Diamine Bl-Bl. Typically I switch inks daily as it makes it easy to review notes and mark-ups. One more week to go. At...
  10. SmoovD

    2014 Dallas Pen Show

    This year's Dallas Show is beginning to show on the horizon. The dates are Sept. 26 & 27 and we are hoping to have a B&B meet for the show on Saturday. Last year several of us met for breakfast before the show and searched the nooks and crannies of our cars to pay for a meal after the show. It...
  11. SmoovD

    Perfect Time to Become a B&B Contributor

    If you are not currently a contributor, it might be time to act. Check out this link for more details: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/content.php/117-2014-Roundup-Fundraiser-and-Shaving-Swag-Giveaway
  12. SmoovD

    Dallas Pen Show Meet

    Last year a few B&Bers met to spend a Saturday at the Dallas Pen Show. It was a fine day. Let's do it again this year. The 2014 show will be held September 26 & 27. How about we meet Saturday the 27th? Maybe some breakfast before the show we can see how the day goes. Last year we also ended up...
  13. SmoovD

    Butt Sale at Aldi

    Check your local Aldi for $1.79/lb Boston Butts. That is all.
  14. SmoovD

    Home-Cured Bacon Question

    I have been curing and smoking buckboard (butt) bacon at home. If you have never done so, I would highly encourage all to try. It is a simple process that yields a delicious result. My problem stems from my recent visit to the butcher only to find the cost of Boston Butts have sky-rocketed. They...
  15. SmoovD

    Any Ginger Ale fans?

    I love ginger ale both in cocktails and all by its lonesome. A gin buck is my go-to summer drink and I am warming to bourbon and ginger ale. Whilst surfing the net for something refreshing to drink I ran across a recipe for celery soda using homemade celery syrup. That looked easy and awesome...
  16. SmoovD

    This One Goes to 11!

    Right. We have threads for blues, rock, country, jazz and all things Irish. But where does that denim and leather clad guy go to blow off a little steam? This is that place. Whether you favor hard rock, proto-metal, NWOBHM, death, black, blackened death metal, thrash, extreme, shoegaze, post...
  17. SmoovD


    First off, the show is great. From the writing to the actors to the production, the show is top shelf. This season they have really showcased the flavor of Harlan county by displaying locally produced bourbons. The locals tipple Wild Turkey and "Elmer T", while the guys in the white hats...
  18. SmoovD

    B&B Calendar

    If you have not already done so, please take a minute to visit the thread linked below. The powers that be are contemplating creating our very own B&B calendar. :w00t: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/383922-B-amp-B-Calendar-Question?highlight=calendar
  19. SmoovD

    Time to Finish Some Product

    Like many of us on B&B, I came down with a serious case of Acquisition Disorder. A few years back I tempered my shaving supply purchases (mostly because I have run out of places to put the goodies). Other than a few well-reasoned purchases I have been able to get a handle on my various ADs...
  20. SmoovD

    Black Hole of Bourbon

    Gents, I have always favored scotch over just about any other spirit. Maybe about a decade ago I decided to give bourbons a go. Typically I would have a bottle in the cabinet. Elmer T. Lee was the normal choice but there could also be some bottom shelf stuff for mixing. Nothing special. This...
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