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  1. KW Driver

    Stupid question time

    I found an old family (Grandfather’s or uncle’s) what I presume to be New LC (US made, three patents stamped) with some broken/missing parts. my google-fu is weak and I can’t figure out the thread pitch, allowing me to potentially shop for a new handle. And if anyone has a good source for...
  2. KW Driver

    My first try

    I found an old Dopp kit that might have been my grandfather’s, maybe an uncle in law’s. It’s a nice time capsule but the only thing salvageable beyond what look to be in ok shape DE blades is the Ever-Ready 150L (lucite). the knot was done and crumbling in my hand, but pulled out of the handle...
  3. KW Driver

    Cool Find in the family storage piles

    I did not expect to see this, but it's cool. I'm going to assume it was my uncle-in-law's from the early/mid 50s. he didn't serve in Korea, but might have gotten it as a USO/basic issue freebie, similar to the USO freebies tossed at me when I took some trips. I assume it's some kind of...
  4. KW Driver

    Maybe not the best cup

    Once I realized what I’d done, I didn’t want to figure out the steep time... so I started over.
  5. KW Driver

    Plastic Lever Gun

    now I'm ready to get one a them antiques. and a threaded barrel for a can (or a muzzle break for... I'm not sure, unless it's a mall ninja). what's not to love? ok... this is a solution looking for a problem to my mind. I do like the idea of the XS rail, but more...
  6. KW Driver

    For you old schoolers

    Opened up the wrong box out of storage and found this antique, pristine, gen-u-wine US Govt property and issued item for your nostalgia. Now I have to figure out what to do with it...
  7. KW Driver

    Popov pocket wallet

    I just got a Popov pocket wallet out of the mailbox today and am seriously impressed. transferred all my cards and things from the old wallet and they all fit snuggly now, looser later I'm sure. I pondered the possibility, and went ahead and executed pulling the money clip out of the old wallet...
  8. KW Driver

    Aeropress fail

    When your girl’s been up for a few hours, knows how to do it, but still has a moment. “Uh... I messed this up” “well, start your timer, and stir it.” Timed it, poured it off, poured it in properly, pressed and cleaned everything. She’s drinking it. “Oh, it’s come to this? There’s some...
  9. KW Driver

    Lapping Arks

    mine's just a little bitty thing, 1x4 but I'm having trouble with lapping it. I've got SIC from 80 stepped up to 12 micron. both times I've lapped it I've dished the center as the sic breaks down to dust and packs into the center area that doesn't get pushed outside the ark's surface area, with...
  10. KW Driver

    Where to pic up SIC powder to lap an Ark

    anyone have a good, recommended source to find some, or is the Home Depot/Loews good enough. turns out my pen knife trans isn't as lapped as I thought it was and need to get it there. thanks
  11. KW Driver

    Master Penman Jake Weidman

    I found this impressive: Master Penman Jake Weidman
  12. KW Driver

    Display/Storage box

    I've been looking for a cigar box lately to work up a display box. today I ran into the perfect box. if the top cover's not leather, those were the finest Naugas in the land, and they died a noble death to clad the lid. I salute them. not bad for $1.50 in expenses so far. so, when I get back to...
  13. KW Driver

    The Movember aftermath

  14. KW Driver

    Joseph Rogers and Sons

    Mom was unpacking some stuff and found a stash of my grandfather's knives. This one gave me a chuckle, and I wonder how old it is.
  15. KW Driver

    Dillard's 50% off sale

    this also went into the Shopping and deals area, but thought it might get more visibility here. what I put there: Not sure how long it's going to last, but they are running a 50% or more sale on a lot of their dress clothes. They run some good suits, sports coats, etc if you want to get into an...
  16. KW Driver

    Dillard's 50% off sale

    Not sure how long it's going to last, but they are running a 50% or more sale on a lot of their dress clothes. They run some good suits, sports coats, etc if you want to get into an $800-900 suit for 50% off. I did.
  17. KW Driver

    George's "Sock Problem" according to Barbara

    got this in the mail and thought some of you might find encouragement from it. http://www.youtube.com/embed/dx5ZE5nE9X8?rel=0
  18. KW Driver

    some noob questions

    I've got my grandfather's Parker 51 (my favorite), a Shaeffer (??), a Rotring, and just picked up a Platinum Preppy that I got with a bottle of Noodler's eyedropper ink, and converted to an eyedropper setup. what I'm looking for, after a cursory scan through here, are some good research...
  19. KW Driver

    Not a bad Christmas at all

    I told my dad awhile back that I'd started straight shaving and he FLIPPED OUT. we were discussing Christmas presents and he said in no way would he contribute to this dangerous habit. I told him if he cut me a check, he would. he already had of course. I picked up the Eva 17 from Alfredo last...
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