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  1. sol92258

    Left or Right?

    Okay, just a dumb poll, but may be fun: Imagine yourself holding up the pants/shorts you are going to wear for the day. You position the garment so that it is appropriately oriented with your body, you make your move.... Now, which foot did you put in first? Left, or Right...
  2. sol92258

    Let's make a parody...

    On the first day of Christmas, my ex-love gave to me, a cartridge for an M3.
  3. sol92258

    The Magic Gavel

    Hey ladies and gents, my father-in-law made a video some time ago, and recently asked me to put in online. I uploaded it to youtube recently, and wanted to let you guys take a gander and see what you think. It features him and my late mother-in-law, they were married at the time, up to her...
  4. sol92258

    Dell Inspiron Recovery CD

    a shot in the dark, I know, but.... does anyone have a recovery CD for a Dell Inspiron e1405 I could borrow for a short while? I've a friend at church who has a cousin needing one, and the easiest thing for them would be to use the factory recovery disk to reinstall everything. Thanks
  5. sol92258

    metal case?

    so, I was talking to my local antique store lady today, she mentioned seeing a razor at an estate sale, she thought about getting it for me, but didn't know if I'd pay $12. (well, depends - but she has my cell number now ) She said it was a Gillette, and it was a TTO (well, she didn't say TTO...
  6. sol92258

    Open Letter to the BCS Big-Wigs...

    May I point your attention to an NFL game, Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers. I feel the need to mention this game, since I'm sure none of you are actual real football fans, and should look it up. Arizona was a big underdog. No "expert" picked them to win or even have a chance, even if...
  7. sol92258

    Interesting concept...

    Okay, so I'm leaving work yesterday afternoon, didn't feel like listening to anything in particular, so I put my Zune on shuffle and started driving home. Can't remember the first song that came up, the second song was a Casting Crowns song, then a Trans-Siberian Orchestra tune, then Imperial...
  8. sol92258

    If a wood chuck could....

    The other day, I'm going to Wal-Mart, my 8 y.o. riding with me. She starts trying to recite the "if a wood chuck..." limerick as fast as she can, and messed it up a couple of times, which got us to trying different words in it, and these are the best of what we came up with: Hammerhead (shark)...
  9. sol92258

    1K for the B&B Prof

    Congrats Doug on reaching 1,000 posts!
  10. sol92258

    Okay, what did I do?

    I used to click "New Posts", and be able to browse the 400 most recent posts made, now I'm only seeing the newsst posts since last time I seached...sometimes 3, sometimes 19, & everywhere in between...what did I click, or...is this a system-wide default change?
  11. sol92258

    A Distracting 1,000...

    Congrats Texcattlerancher on a big 1K!!! :jump::jump::jump::jump:
  12. sol92258

    Dirty Jobs - Decalfinating

    there's a joke in there about "de-calfinated", but I won't go there
  13. sol92258

    You might be a B&B-neck...

    here's a little fun idea: You might be a "B&B"neck when you put a friend's phone call on hold so you can post in The Anything Thread... not that it's ever happened to me, right Micah? :lol:
  14. sol92258


    it's not traditional, but it could be useful for some folks, I'm considering giving it serious consideration.... http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/accessories/96bb/ but then, I'm also considering some of the Bodum tea products...
  15. sol92258

    Shaved in 60 Seconds

    So, I've been working on this thought for quite some time, and I've only been part way done, but tonight, I decided to complete the project, and there may be some editing later, but for now, here it is. I got the idea one night watching Gone in 60 Seconds, and the fact that I already named some...
  16. sol92258


    Imagine me, NE Texas fellow, in college in Arkadelphia, AR (OBU), when a bunch of guys (me included) are getting ready to go to Hot Springs. All of them talking about McClard's for lunch, I really don't know what it is, yet, but hey, I'm born in Alabama, grew up in Texas, I like BBQ naturally...
  17. sol92258

    Soccer (or Football outside U.S.)

    My son just started playing soccer, anyone got any experience/tips for teaching basic soccer skills to a 6yo? My philosophy at the moment is just let him kick the ball around, learn basic coordination and balance, but soon I imagine I'll need to start some rudimentary skills. Kicking won't be...
  18. sol92258

    RIP Frank Mundus, Monster Man, the real Quint

    The inspiration for Captain Quint of Jaws, and overall interesting fellow from what I've read and watched about him http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5ilhufE39_gSA_sMIr_aPVXbwd_JgD936VK0G0
  19. sol92258

    SOTD Sept 15-Sept 21

    Shave of the Day Night: Razor: recently acquired 1969 O-2 Super Adjustable - 5 WTG, two passes; 2 XTG, one pass Blade: Red Pack Personna Soap: Uncle Albert's Amazing Solid Cream Shaving Cake - Atreides Brush: recently restored Ever Ready handle with GoldenNib 20mm Silvertip A/S: witch...
  20. sol92258

    2K: Reflections, and PIF

    Well, here it, post 2000. I was amazed I even amassed 1000 (especially in less than a year), now as I sit at 2000, I reflect...well, that was fun. But seriously, this place is an amazing place, full of very good people, very interesting people, and very interested people. I first entered this...
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