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  1. Shavely Manden

    What ingredient do you dread seeing in a shave product's ingredients list?

    For me it's avocado oil. I'm sensitive to a few other things (anything rosemary scented is right out, and I suspect I'm becoming a little bit sensitive to lanolin, unfortunately for my love of MWF), but avocado oil is the allergen I always dread, because it shows up in so many artisan soaps and...
  2. Shavely Manden

    Martin de Candre Rose -- does it have rosemary scent in it?

    My face can't handle MdC's original scent because of the rosemary -- rosemary oil is apparently one of a few oils my skin is allergic to. MdC unscented is fine, but the original burns. The MdC site describes the Rose soap as being made with "the same oils" as the original and other scents, but...
  3. Shavely Manden

    To use or not to use: unused Irisch Moos shave stick I didn't know I had

    So I was rooting through my giant box o' shave stuff I've accumulated over the years, and towards the bottom I discover a boxed Irisch Moos shave stick that looks to be completely unused. (For those who don't know, Irisch Moos was a shave soap from the same company as Tabac that was discontinued...
  4. Shavely Manden

    Moths eating shave brushes?

    I went through a long period of not using most of my brushes (a period of depression made me drop most of my hobbies), so I'd been storing them in various bins and drawers for several years. Now that I'm getting back into the shaving hobby, I'm breaking out the ol' brush collection, and most of...
  5. Shavely Manden

    Anyone have their B&B LE watch serviced?

    I'd written to Bernhardt a couple of years ago asking when they recommend their watches get serviced, and they replied every 7 to 10 years. It's coming up on 9 years now...have any of you B&B LE owners gotten your Officer's Watch serviced?
  6. Shavely Manden

    Looking to branch out from Simpson's.suggestions?

    So, I've had SBAD for most of my wetshaving career, and for most of that I've been primarily a Simpson's man. Unfortunately, I've lately been through a bit of a rough patch where I totally lost interest in shaving (and everything else) for quite a while. Now that I'm getting better, I want to...
  7. Shavely Manden

    Kent shoe brush kit

    I've been using my grandfather's shoe-shine brush, but it's starting to wear out. Anybody have experience with this Kent shoe-shine kit or have any other shoe-brush recommendations? http://www.feelunique.com/p/Kent-Shoe-Brush-Travel-Kit
  8. Shavely Manden

    D01: 2- or 3-band?

    I've been a mostly-Simpsons guy for a while, and I've been thinking of branching out post-holidays -- in particular, I was thinking of a Shavemac. I'd rather like to try the D01, but I'm not quite decided about whether to try two- or three-band D01 first. I've been a little concerned that the...
  9. Shavely Manden

    Water hardness vs lathering technique -- correlation?

    I lately moved from an area with quite hard water to an area with really, really soft water. (I mean really soft -- I even brew tea with unfiltered tap water sometimes.) This's changed a few of my shaving preferences: e.g., before moving, I loved MdC for its latherability, but now I prefer my...
  10. Shavely Manden

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    So, I guess it's only a matter of time before B&B gets a pony thread, so I'll go ahead and nip it in the bud...any of y'all watch MLP:FiM? Now, before you laugh, it's remarkably good, especially for a kids' show...the characterizations are deep and (mostly) consistent, the animation is...
  11. Shavely Manden

    Date stamp on NEW Improved

    ED: NM...the "Pat." stamp before the date had gotten rubbed off, so it looked like a date was just stamped into the razor.
  12. Shavely Manden

    Scale recommendations?

    So I finally decided to lose some weight...I think I'm doing all right (given that my belt's getting a bit looser), but I really need to be tracking my progress. Any of y'all have recommendations as to bathroom scales? I'd picked up a cheapo one from Wal-Mart that was accurate to, eh, perhaps...
  13. Shavely Manden

    Shorter blades?

    Every time I use a straight, the ~3" blade on your average straight feels long & unwieldy...I keep thinking something shorter would make me feel more "in control". (I have a similar thing with small brushes.) However, the only blades I've seen that're shorter than your normal straight (other...
  14. Shavely Manden

    Chinese badger hair

    I just heard from a Chinese friend of mine, Huai Pianzi (we call him Huai Peewee, for short). He recently arrived Stateside from a trip back to his hometown, Wutuobang, in Meiyou Difang province, and while he was over there, he looked into some shaving stuff for me. What he found might surprise...
  15. Shavely Manden

    10% off at feelunique.com

    They've got a lot of Kent brushes (the shaving brushes aren't labeled with model numbers, but they look to be a BK8 and BK4). Seems Mother's Day in the UK is coming up, so the code TREATMUM gets you 10% off for the moment, and they typically offer free worldwide shipping (!!!). No VAT...
  16. Shavely Manden

    SCS Avocado balm -- irritation, anybody?

    Admittedly, I've got pretty sensitive skin, but I usually get along OK with most balms, especially if they don't have crazy scents in them. So, I'd gotten some SCS Avocado-oil balm, gave myself what I thought was a pretty decent shave, and spread a few drops on. There was the little methol...
  17. Shavely Manden

    T&H triple-milled soap?

    This looks new...http://www.traditionalshaving.co.uk/mall/productpage.cfm/traditionalshaving/_TRU-BAT-180/268145/1805-Triple-Milled-Soap-x3 Am I just behind the times? I couldn't find any discussion of these on the boards, and I don't recall that vendor having those a couple of months ago...
  18. Shavely Manden

    Surprising innovations in safety razor technology

    Somehow, "albacore" and "sashimi grade" aren't the adjectives I was expecting to go with a DE89L....
  19. Shavely Manden

    thread rating test

    Let's see how thread ratings really work...
  20. Shavely Manden

    What's with antique store pricing?

    Has anybody noticed that antique stores have started charging out the wazoo for straights? I was in an antique store earlier that was charging $40-$60 for every straight they had, and they were all in pretty terrible condition. Not just mild pitting or patina, or problems only a shave geek would...
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