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  1. xillion

    WTB: Le Pere Lucien Tau Ceti coconut shaving soap.

    I am looking to buy a tub of Le Pere Lucien Tau Ceti coconut scented shaving soap. If you have one to sell please let me know. Thank you.
  2. xillion

    PIF: English made Gillette New

    I have two complete English made 7 O'clock flat bottom New razors and one biased pin flat bottom New head to PIF. The corner teeth on the biased pin and #2 are bent and the plating has seen better days but these are still great shavers. Just say "I'm in" below and specify which one you'd...
  3. xillion

    ABCBA Shave Soap PIF.

    Hello fellow members. I recently purchased a box of RazoRock ABCBA shave soap and I'm really enjoying it. I know some of you missed out on purchasing it so I'd like to offer some to you. Each sample is approximately 1 oz. and comes packed in a metal tin. Three tins have glass tops and four...
  4. xillion

    CADE soap new formula.

    I stopped by my local L'Occitane this morning and I noticed the Cade shave soap had a different colored label. I bought one and brought it home to compare to my older pucks that I purchased about a year ago. It looks like the formula of the soap has been tweaked a bit. The new puck has a...
  5. xillion

    New production Gillette Platinum?

    I recently purchased what I thought they were NOS dark blue box Gillette Platinum. They arrived in my mailbox yesterday and to my surprise they appear to be current production. For one, they are not double wrapped like the older dark blue platinum blades. Also, they have two wax dots in the...
  6. xillion

    Old style Dominica bottles.

    I just received my old style Dominica Bay Rum bottles, with cork stopper, from West Coast. The juice inside is the same as the standard bottle, but I have to say that I prefer the look of the old style packaging. They are the same shape as my vintage paper label bottle shown on the right.
  7. xillion

    New Speick Men Active Shaving Cream Samples PIF

    -All four samples have been claimed- I recently took delivery of the new Speick Men Active shaving cream and aftershave splash. I've made four samples of the shave cream and I would like to offer them to anyone who may be interested in trying this new cream. All I ask is that you post...
  8. xillion

    Shave brush stand PIF

    If you're interested please see the link below. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/312187-Xillion-s-4000th-post-Shave-Stand-PIF?p=4487995#post4487995
  9. xillion

    Xillion's 4000th post Shave Stand PIF

    To celebrate my 4000th post I made this custom brush/razor stand, and now I'd like to give it away. I will PIF the stand to a fellow B&B member as a way of saying thank you for all of the guidance and information I've received during my time as a B&B member. The stand is made of...
  10. xillion

    Gillette Super Silver

    Today I picked up some new Russian made Gillette Super Silver blades. I've used a couple different versions of this blade. The vintage English made Super Silver blades are fantastic. The ones I had came in the dispenser shown below. Don't have a blade pic as I tossed out my last one this...
  11. xillion

    New Speick Men EDT

    Today I received a bottle of the new Speick Men EDT. Here is the heavy glass bottle. Box notes and ingredients. I am not great at describing scents so you will have to forgive me. Speick aftershave splash is a favorite of mine but the scent is fleeting on my skin. On my intial...
  12. xillion

    Polsilver Super Iridium : I and I blade pif results and discussion thread.

    To all who received blades in my I and I blade PIF and those who have tried the Polsilver Super Iridium blades, please feel free to post you impressions here.
  13. xillion

    I and I blade PIF - Complete - See Post #44

    I recently took delivery of some current production Polsilver Super Iridium blades and I would like to offer some to my fellow members. For this PIF I am offering five members one Polsilver Super Iridium blade and one Super Iridium blade. Here are some images of both blades side by side...
  14. xillion

    The 9 Most Important Watches in the World

    Nevermind. Please delete.
  15. xillion

    Two Reds

    I had four containers left so I made up two more sets of Vitos sample. Each contains .5oz of Extra Super and .5oz of Extra Super Al Profumo Di Cocco (Coconut Oil). First two people to PM me and ask for them may have them for free. US only please. Both sets have been claimed.
  16. xillion

    Will Ferrell to shave Conan on May 2

    Check out the videos here: http://video.teamcoco.com/video/conan.jsp?oid=249157&eref=sharethisUrl http://video.teamcoco.com/video/conan.jsp?oid=249288&eref=sharethisUrl http://video.teamcoco.com/video/conan.jsp?oid=249476&eref=sharethisUrl...
  17. xillion

    EJ DE89BA11 Barley Chrome

    Just received the new Edwin Jagger DE89BA11 Barley Chrome plated. The quality of the plating is superb. The handle is a bit heavier (47 grams) than the DE89L (44 grams). The knurling is very fine, to me it feels like a fatter ball end Old Type. Overall the razor is nicely balanced and feels...
  18. xillion

    Anyone know what this is

    I received this Old Type clone a few months ago and I just got around to cleaning it up but I have no idea who made it. The head is nickle plated and the handle, which is tranished in the images, appears to silver plated. Once I cleaned and polished the handle it appears much whiter than the...
  19. xillion

    7 o'clock Blues

    I bough some of these blades last week and they arrived this afternoon, after I had already shaved, of course... There was a thread about them on here a while ago but I had never actually seen them for sale until last week. Anybody ever use this version before? They come from St. Petersburg...
  20. xillion

    Old Dominica Bay Rum bottle

    I recently purchased this old Dominica Bay Rum bottle with cork cap. My question is, were these old bottles repurposed beer bottles? I ask because my bottle says please don't litter and non-refillable on the top. I really like look of the old label and the bottle shape. It is a much nicer than...
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