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  1. nwohio

    Single Ring I.D. Help please!

    I have a single ring that I have been cleaning up. Not at home now so no pics. It has serial # K434441 on the top of the base plate and on the lower ring above the removable piece it has date code Nov 15:04. Also on the bottom of the base plate it says made in USA but I can't see any Gillette...
  2. nwohio

    Totally Surprised by the aggressiveness of a Gillette Single Ring

    I recently picked up 3 different SR's and have been cleaning them up. They are not finished as I am waiting for some MAAS polish to be delivered. I decided to try them out while waiting. I have used 2 of the 3 so far. Let me preface by saying that my regular rotation of razors are a Fatip...
  3. nwohio

    Two Blades in One Wrapper?

    Unwrapped my Personna Red today and there were two blades inside. I've never had this happen before.
  4. nwohio

    For you older gentlemen which grows faster ear hair or whiskers?

    I swear the older I get the faster the hair in my ears grow. I have a Wahl trimmer and have to clean them up every 3-4 days. Too bad you can't just shave them daily with the rest of your face. :shaving:
  5. nwohio

    Kai - wider than normal? Edge to edge or tab to tab?

    As the title states when people say Kai blades are wider than normal are they measuring edge to edge or tab to tab? The reason I ask is with my 1st use I cut myself with the tab end. I haven't had a cut in a couple of years. I know it was carelessness on my part but just curious.
  6. nwohio

    Which handles fits Wunderbar?

    Has anyone tried different handles on their Wunderbar? I love the razor but am not crazy about the original handle that came with it. Thanks in advance. This is the handle I have.
  7. nwohio

    Tiki bar 1920s barber shoppe as

    Tiki Bar has some new soaps and AS being sold on Italian Barber. I have like the soap for a couple of years and when I saw the AS I had to order some. Used both the soap and AS today for the 1st time. All I can say is WOW!. The AS smells just like the soap and the post shave feel is one of the...
  8. nwohio

    Tiki bar soaps - rip?

    Has anyone heard anything, gotten any feedback or response from Tiki Bar? Amanda's blog on their website states that they were closing for the month of August to get caught up and that they would re-open on September 7th. Nothing has been updated on the website and there is no interaction...
  9. nwohio

    Two blades in a DE?

    Was cleaning up after my morning shave and I took my R41 apart and set it aside to clean. Normally when I do this I take the blade out and dispose of right away. Today I just took the razor apart and left it on the sink. When cleaning up I realized I hadn't taken the blade off the top cap. For...
  10. nwohio

    Clubman Ice

    I can't remember where I read the post about adding menthol crystals to Clubman but I had half a bottle and thought I would try it. Added about 5 small crystals and let it dissolve. It took about a day until I couldn't see the crystals any longer. It didn't make the menthol too strong, just a...
  11. nwohio

    aluminum containers

    Is it just me or do aluminum containers detract from the smell of the soap? I seem to smell a metallic odor that I don't care for. I like the soaps in plastic or glass containers.
  12. nwohio

    Looking a medium hold gel that adds shine

    I have been using Paul Mitchell's Slick Works but it is being discontinued. I have curly hair that is about 1/2 gray now and gets dull. Shine is more of a priority than hold. Odorless would be a plus. Thanks in advance.
  13. nwohio

    R41 Top cap

    I purchased a R41 top cap and bottom plate from a recognized vendor. I put the head on a Tradere handle and love it. However after shaving today while cleaning up I noticed a number 2 under the top cap. Does this have any relevance? Does that mean it's a second? It's won't have any affect on...
  14. nwohio

    Gary's Shop

    When I try to email Gary Sample Shop from his blog page I get an error message that says there is no default program set up to do this. Can someone please just give me Gary's email address so I can send in an order? Thanks in advance.
  15. nwohio

    Gillette TTO's Am I the only one with no love?

    I have a Gillette Fat Boy and a Gillette 1971 Q-1 Black Beauty. I have tried each 3-4 times and they just don't do anything for me. My normal rotation is a DE89, 34C, Gillette New OC and RR jaws. I like these razors better than the TTO's. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?
  16. nwohio

    Horse Hair Brushes

    I have two Vie-Long brushes. A 13051 and a 13061B. Generally I like them both. I have noticed with use that there appears to be sort of a hole in the knot. Seems that I read somewhere that this was common with horse hair brushes. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  17. nwohio

    3 Months in and bought a 37C slant

    I have been wet shaving with a EJDE89 for the last 3 months. While I have gotten better with my technique I still had to do way too many touch ups after a 3 pass shave. Trying to clean up the problem areas mostly under my jaw caused slight razor burn. I have tried many different and very good...
  18. nwohio

    Neebie from Ohio but you wouldn't know it from my bank account!

    I have only been using DE equipment for about 6 weeks and I have ordered stuff from several different vendors already! Started our with a Parker 90 something long. Then I bought a EJ89L. Then I bought a fatboy and 34C from someone here. Then I bought a black beauty adjustable off ebay. Soaps...
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