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  1. Claudel Xerxes

    Marsala recommendations

    I love to eat chicken marsala, but have never made it. Usually, when I do wine reduction sauces with chicken I use chardonnays. I'm not into drinking fortified wines, so I'm not too familiar with what I should be looking for. Does a dry marsala still have a touch of sweetness to it? Brands...
  2. Claudel Xerxes

    Gun Safe Vs Cabinet

    Which do you have and why? I know the difference between the two, but I'm debating on which to get if/when I decide to upgrade my 10 gun cabinet. I could fit a couple more shotguns or rifles, but only have enough room for a couple of handguns in there. Realistically, I might possibly only get...
  3. Claudel Xerxes

    Singles: Door Open Or Closed?

    Folks who live alone, do you close certain inside doors (bathroom, bedroom door at night, etc.), or do you keep the doors open at all times?
  4. Claudel Xerxes

    Songs with a great intro

  5. Claudel Xerxes

    Pepper Spray

    I don't know why, until now, I haven't seriously considered getting pepper spray for a situation where a threat needs to be delt with in a non-lethal manner. One could imagine that most sprays are not created equal. Any recommendations on what type or brand I should think about getting?
  6. Claudel Xerxes

    Who remembers an antenna like this?

    Who remembers an antenna like this? I would imagine it's older than the rabbit ears I used to know.
  7. Claudel Xerxes

    M16: August 1967

    No, I didn't procure an M16, but I did come across my father's M16 maintenance card from when he was in basic training. Just thought I'd share.
  8. Claudel Xerxes

    Firearms Humor

    I used to be in a few bands, and found this rather humorous.
  9. Claudel Xerxes

    Peterson Dunhill Vs Dunhill

    Has anyone tried both a Dunhill blend and it's Peterson counterpart? If so, any noticable differences?
  10. Claudel Xerxes

    Crystals on briar?

    I can't seem to get a good picture of it, but I have a glittery substance in the chamber of an unsmoked pipe. Can crystals form on briarwood? It's an unsmoked Savinelli Orient 644 KS that has been sitting it's pouch and box for at least two or three years since I've purchased it. I was having a...
  11. Claudel Xerxes

    Stopping pitting/rust

    I have a Savage Arms Springfield Model 947E 12ga that was the first gun my dad bought when he returned from Vietnam. As far as I know, it's nothing special. I remember my dad telling me that he paid $5 for it in the early '70s. Anyway, it's been in the early stages of pitting for the past couple...
  12. Claudel Xerxes

    Scope for Ruger 10/22

    I almost ordered a Leupold VX-Freedom 2-7x 33mm rimfire scope today. I keep on eyeballing a Nikon P-Tactical 2-7x 32mm rimfire as well. The Nikon would be about 60% of the price of the Leupold, but I've heard a lot of compliments on the Leupold. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on...
  13. Claudel Xerxes

    Ironing Trousers

    Any tips, tricks, techniques, etc.?
  14. Claudel Xerxes

    .22 Conversion Kit

    Do any of you have any experience with a .22lr conversion kit for an AR? I've been debating about getting a Ruger 10/22 for a little while. It seems to be one of the most popular "must have" guns, especially when considering a survival or apocalyptic type of scenario. So, I was thinking, why not...
  15. Claudel Xerxes

    The Nib Acquisitions 2020

    Let's see those Nib acquisitions!
  16. Claudel Xerxes

    How do you choose what to open?

    Now that I've gone through almost all of my cigars, I'm jumping back into my pipes. I stocked up heavily during my first couple years of pipe smoking. I'm sitting on a little less than a hundred pounds of pipe tobacco currently. My freshest blends are over a year and a half old; my oldest is a...
  17. Claudel Xerxes

    Does fishing line go bad?

    Does the test strength remain consistent over time? I have a number of spools of fishing line that're anywhere between 40-25 years old. If they're no good for fishing anymore, then I'll try to find a practical use for them.
  18. Claudel Xerxes

    Rhyme or reason to 1911 mags

    Is there any rhyme or reason, or general compatibility pairings, when it comes to finding mags that work well with a specific 1911? Is it more about the mags themselves, or finding the right combo?
  19. Claudel Xerxes

    Surprise, surprise... I'm indecisive

    Last week I picked up some .45 ACP in preparation for purchasing a 1911 in the next few weeks. I have been doing lots of research for the past six to nine months and thought that I had my decision down to two or three solid choices. I was thinking about a Colt Competition Series 70 Government...
  20. Claudel Xerxes

    Truncated Cone Bullets

    I understand the concept behind them, but are there any disadvantages? I would only use them as range rounds if I picked some up.
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